What is a Marker in Gambling?

What is a Marker in Gambling?

What Is A Casino Marker Gambling

Gambling markers are a specific type of loan given out by casinos. Markers can be the right choice for people who are comfortable making payments on time. The ins and outs of gambling markers are specific to the casino you get it from, but we’ll go over the basic agreement. 

What is a Marker in Gambling?

A marker is a short term, interest free loan-like credit line from a casino. You’ll be expected to pay back the loan fairly quickly, and most casinos will change the time limit for repayment only marginally for larger markers. Basically, it’s a loan with special rules built for gambling. It’s not really a loan, because from the perspective of the law, you’ve already ‘written the check’ for repayment and the casino is simply waiting to cash it. 

How do I Get A Gambling Marker?

You’ll apply for a Marker by talking to individuals at a casino. Sometimes it’s a pit boss or host, but other times there are whole offices dedicated to applying for and receiving gambling markers. 
Your credit counts, but employment and bank statements matter far more. You receive cash at the casino upon approval, but you could be paid out in a casino card or chips.

What Can A Casino Gambling Marker Be Used For?

A marker should technically be used for gambling, but some people have used casino lines of credit, an ongoing gambling marker, to make payments and purchases. Since they’re 0% interest and easy to get, it acts as a fast cash service.

Don’t be fooled, gambling markers can be a bad idea because of the strictness of repayment policies.

You can not declare bankruptcy on a casino gambling marker, so don’t even consider it if you don’t have a plan to repay. 

What Happens if I Don’t Pay Back my Gambling Marker?

You make payments on a gambling marker direct to the casino. Different casinos have different policies, but failure to repay can land you in jail. This is the main way casinos get their money on gambling markers. They don’t report to credit companies, they simply send you a notice of failure to repay. After 10 to 60 days, you could face jail time of three to six months for gambling markers under $1200. Any marker of a higher value is a felony loan default. If you take out a gambling marker, you must make the payments on time. 

The Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas is suing #SJSharks Evander Kane for $500K, claiming he failed to pay back gambling markers.

The lawsuit alleges that Kane took out eight markers of between $20K-100K in mid April 2019. 💸 pic.twitter.com/dnYaQDcPv7

— Sharks Nation (@BASharksNation) November 6, 2019

How Much Money Can I Get From a Gambling Marker?

Depending on your credit score, employment and delinquent payments inside the last twelve months, you can expect to be offered gambling markers of $5,000.

For those with high credit or proof of high income, gambling markers have been given for up to $100,000 and higher.


Can I Get a Gambling Marker from an Online Casino?

The answer is yes and no. Traditional gambling markers are not offered online. Some casinos will offer online gambling markers, but they aren’t necessarily from online casinos, they are an online application to a physical casino. There are companies offering fully online makers such as Marker Trax, but it’s unclear if these businesses are legal or even offer the traditional version of a gambling marker. Online lines of credit are geared toward gamblers disguised as casino markers. 

Gambling Markers and Online Gambling 

Before you take on a gambling marker, do a quick online search for the number of lawyers offering defense and advice for people who take out gambling markers. Yes, responsible people can use markers effectively. If you have any issues making payments, think twice. Instead, start with some online casinos available in your area!


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Author: Tamara Kim