What Are the Benefits of Gambling With Bitcoin

What Are the Benefits of Gambling With Bitcoin

Bet With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is becoming a central part of gambling online.

Many online casinos are popping up specific to Bitcoin, and offering large bonuses for playing in cryptocurrency. When you look at the top places to gamble online, all of our top betting suggestions now use Bitcoin.

So let’s dive in and look at how that can be good for you, the bettor at an online casino.

Casinos Will Match Your Deposit with Bitcoin

For first time uploaders, and often for repeat Bitcoin gamblers, Casinos will offer bonuses to your Bitcoin deposit’s value. This is different for every company, but let’s look at a couple of our top Casinos.

Casino and Sportsbook Matching Bonuses

Online Casino
Bonus On Crypto

Up to $3750 100% matching at the Casino on Bitcoin, up to $750 100% matching at the Sports book

A 50% matching bonus for first time deposits up to $2500

A 100% Bonus of Deposits on crypto and Bitcoin for first time Bitcoin deposits. 5% bonuses thereafter.

The bonuses for Bitcoin deposits vary, but online casinos and sportsbooks are making it clear that they’re excited to have people gaming in crypto. There are payout bonuses, special promotions, and Bitcoin only offers all centered around online gambling with crypto.

How Do I Get a Deposit Match on Bitcoin at Online Casinos?

The majority of these Casino’s use checkout codes. These codes aren’t secret, and are listed right on the website.

Codes like CRYPTO100 at Betonline.ag have been usable for nearly a year.

Other sites, like Betus.com, ask that you request the bonus after deposit, and have up to 48 hours after deposit to do so.

How Do I Get My Bitcoin to Deposit at Online Casinos

If you’re just learning how to gamble online with Bitcoin, we’ve covered depositing extensively here. To make a long process short, you get Bitcoin to a Casino by:

Buying Bitcoin on an exchange.
Move that money to a Casino Wallet or Personal Wallet.
Transfering Bitcoin from your Wallet to the Casino Wallet using the address offered by the Casino using a deposit button or address.

Expect a network fee and a ten minute wait when moving any cryptocurrency. You’ll need to enter a 2-step verification code at this time if you’ve used a public exchange like Coinbase.

Making your first deposit can be daunting, but it’s not any more difficult than depositing money from a bank, and carries many other advantages over cash.

Other Bonuses for Gambling in Bitcoin

Our top sites have offered free spins for Bitcoin, loyalty crypto currency programs, and other crypto specific advantages.

You’ll also be able to deposit up to $10,000 of Bitcoin in a single transaction, which is often more than what’s allowed in cash.

Bitcoin Gambling Deposits are Cheaper

The majority of Bitcoin gambling sites will waive fees related to depositing Bitcoin, or will offer a flat fee instead of a percentage fee.

When you’re depositing large amounts of Bitcoin in an attempt to get the highest matching or percentage bonus, this can be a huge boost. It’s notable that many of these offers aren’t available in Canada due to some crypto restrictions.

The Math on Cash vs Bitcoin

Betus.com offers 6% on normal deposits, but only a $5 charge on Bitcoin. So if you’re depositing $100 of cash it’s $6 of fees, compared to $5 of Bitcoin.

Please Note:

With larger deposits that number would rise dramatically ($1000 of cash at $60 of fees, but still only $5 of Bitcoin.)

The more you’re looking to deposit, the better off you are using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency versus cash on a casino site.

Bitcoin Gambling Deposits and Withdrawals are Faster

A bank can take up to five working days to process a casino transaction. Due to the nature of Bitcoin and the control you have over the blockchain,

Bitcoin deposits quickly, often taking less than ten minutes to deposit and start playing. You can go from having no Bitcoin, to opening a Coinbase and depositing to a casino wallet in less than an hour total.

Bitcoin deposits take less than 5-10 minutes to be playable at an online casino or sportsbook.

Instant Withdraw with Bitcoin

Withdrawals are faster because they’re operating at the speed of the Blockchain, not the approval of your bank. Once you copy and paste your wallet or Bitcoin account address, you’re able to get your Bitcoin back in less than ten minutes in most cases.

Bitcoin Gambling Can Be More Secure

Bitcoin gambling sites enjoy the added layers of security due to the nature of your crypto wallet and Bitcoin purchasing account.

Bitcoin wallets often have very long, secure passwords. Casino gamblers get layered protection because there are passwords at your wallet as well as your purchasing account (like Coinbase or

Gate.io.) However, and we can’t stress this enough, make sure you have a physical copy of your wallet password hidden somewhere in your house.

With many new wallets, if you fail to set up a recovery account and forget your password, the wallet could be locked forever. Sometimes Bitcoin gambling is too secure.

2019: “Bitcoin is gambling”
2022: pic.twitter.com/cXhgHoSvZe

— Héctor Mohedano (@HMohedano_) April 29, 2022

Bitcoin has moved into the mainstream. Financial institutions are considering it as an asset class. This is real, and if you’re hesitant on Bitcoin purchasing, learning about it while gambling is a great place to start your Bitcoin journey.

Bitcoin’s Other Advantages

Bitcoin is private. You can set up an anonymous account, use an anonymous wallet, and your online gambline accounts can be nearly detached from your personal information. Nobody should know your business but you!
Bitcoin has no jurisdiction restrictions. It’s not illegal to gamble in cryptocurrency anywhere. No one can take your account for illicit activity, because there are no laws stopping Bitcoin gambling as of April 28th, 2022.
Bitcoins have high volatility. There is a chance that while you’re keeping your coin for gambling online, the Bitcoin will rise in value. Yes, Bitcoin can also drop in value, but its average upward trajectory over the last five years can’t be denied. You’re playing both inside the casino, and inside the crypto market when you use Bitcoin for gambling.
Access to Bitcoin only games on specific websites that are bullish on cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Gambling in 2023

As big as cryptocurrency is today, we see it continuing to rise in popularity, and likely to be the primary way online gamblers and casinos prefer to make transactions.


In the coming year, expect Bitcoin to receive even more attention from online casinos in the form of bonuses, promotional offers, and other cool perks and swag that no one even considered.

Author: Tamara Kim