The Rings Of Power Betting Odds and Picks

The Rings Of Power Betting Odds and Picks

Predictions And Odds Rings Of Power

It’s a great time to be a nerd. Within the span of a month, the Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings franchises will all make their highly-anticipated returns to the small screen.

House of the Dragon premiered over the weekend to record viewership and great reviews. Star Wars Andor is due out on Disney+ toward the end of September.

Next week, the Lord of the Rings will return to Prime Video. This new series, entitled the Rings of Power, will take place thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit and the other Lord of the Rings novels and films.

As usual, entertainment betting sites are on top of things. You can find Lord of the Rings odds at your favorite sites in anticipation of the new series’ release.

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Release Date

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of power will hit Amazon Prime Video on Friday, September 2nd.

The first season of the new series will feature eight episodes, while the first two will premiere on 9/2.

Amazon purchased the rights to the Lord of the Rings franchise back in 2017 for a whopping $250 million. The company subsequently made a hefty $1 billion commitment to develop five seasons’ worth of content based on the LOTR universe.

That $1 billion investment will make the Lord of the Rings the most expensive TV series ever made, which is quite an achievement given Game of Thrones’ notably massive budget.

While the Rings of Power will take place well before the events of the well-known JRR Tolkien works, many cast members will portray younger versions of some familiar characters.

Lord of the Rings Betting Odds

Which Characters Will Appear?

Arwen Undomiel (-200)
Legolas (-120)
Tom Bombadil (-110)
Balrog (+100)
Gandalf (+120)
Saruman (+200)
Frodo (+500)

Arwen Undomiel (-200)

Arwen Undomiel has the best Lord of the Rings odds (-200) to make an appearance in the Rings of Power. First off, who’s Arwen Undomiel?

Real ones remember that Liv Tyler portrayed Arwen in the original Peter Jackson LOTR trilogy. Arwen’s father is Elrond, the founder of Rivendell.

Arwen’s a major character in the original trilogy, but let’s not forget the Rings of Power will take place many, many years before that. This show is set in the Second Age of Middle-earth.

Of course, it’s helpful that Arwen goes on to live for over 3,000 years, which makes it entirely possible she shows up in this show.

We also have it on good authority that Elrond is a major character in the Rings of Power, which makes it incredibly likely Arwen is featured in some capacity.

Arwen’s -200 Rings of Power betting odds, don’t offer much profit potential, but this bet has a great chance to cash.

Legolas (-120)

Orlando Bloom back!? Doubtful, but we can dream.

The Lord of the Rings odds say Legolas is another odds-on favorite to appear, at -120.

Legolas was a major character in the trilogy and novels. As one of the nine members of the Fellowship, and this character allegedly lived for over 2,900 years.

A group of Legolas are actually called a Legoli #HouseoftheDragon

— Emily Haswell (@myemtv) August 22, 2022

That gives Legolas more than enough of a lifespan to have been alive during the Rings of Power. Legolas is also one of the most popular Lord of the Rings characters, so it would make sense for the showrunners to make it a point to get him in here in some form or fashion.

Bet on Legolas’ -120 Lord of the Rings odds before they drop even more.

Tom Bombadil (-110)

Tolkien really butchered it with this name, didn’t he? Most Lord of the Rings characters have crazy sci-fi names…yet there’s also a guy named Tom. What gives?

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Tom’s origins, but this guy was old. Tom arrived in Middle-earth in the First Age, which means he was there to witness the creation of the forests and a number of legendary battles along the way.

Tom was still living in Middle-earth when the Third Age began, so we can assume he was still there for the Second Age, too. Because this show takes place during that Second Age, it seems quite likely we see Tom featured heavily in the Rings of Power.

Tom Bombadil’s -110 Rings of Power betting odds still give you enough bang for your buck.

Balrog (+100)

Now this is a proper Lord of the Rings name. Balrog isn’t actually a single character, though, it’s more of a species.

Durin’s Bane is the most infamous Balrog in the LOTR universe. Also known as the Nameless Terror, this Balrog makes an appearance in the Fellowship of the Ring.

A new screenshot of the show also literally confirmed a Balrog will appear:

First look at a Balrog in ‘THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RINGS OF POWER’. #SDCC

— DiscussingFilm (@DiscussingFilm) July 22, 2022

Some online betting sites have taken Balrog off the board, but this bet is a lock to cash if you can still find it.

Gandalf (+120)

Gandalf is one of the most popular Lord of the Rings characters of all time. Gandalf is about 24,000 years old, so I’d say he’s certainly old enough to have lived through the Second Age.

Based on the name, it’s fair to assume the rings will be featured quite prominently in this series. Gandalf holds the Ring of Fire. so it shouldn’t be too difficult to write him into the show if they want to.

Ian McKellen seems rather unlikely to reprise his legendary role, but Gandalf does come in with favorable enough +120 Lord of the Rings odds to appear in the series.

This is far from a lock, but given Gandalf’s age, I see the merit to a flier bet on a cameo.

Saruman (+200)

We know Sauron will be a featured player in the Rings of Power. Saruman, who eventually seeks to take Sauron’s power for himself, was a much more prominent character in Peter Jackson’s films than he was in Tolkien’s books.

Saruman is desperate to collect the rings for himself, going even as far as to imprison Gandalf in the Orthanic tower in order to do so.

“The Orcs really did their best work under the guidance of Saruman…at the Battle of Helm’s Deep.”

*BLATANTLY* wrong. Saruman led the orcs to a humiliating defeat. Tried to siege a hold with 0 tools of war to help. 10,000 vs 3,000 should be an easy win.

— WastedAndWounded (@TheRoadCallsMe) August 18, 2022

If Gandalf appears in the Rings of Power, it’s safe to assume Saruman will, too.

His +200 Lord of the Rings odds are decent enough, but there is some risk here considering how much of Saruman’s story has already been fleshed out in other productions.

Frodo (+500)

Frodo Baggins is, of course, the true OG of the original film trilogy. We see Frodo inherit a ring from Bilbo in the Fellowship of the Ring, and madness ensues from there.

The issue is that’s really Frodo’s first experience with a ring. Frodo also isn’t quite old enough to make sense as a character in the Second Age, as he’s around 50 years old by the time he gets the One Ring.

As great as it would be to see Frodo again, his +500 Rings of Power odds look like a very easy fade.


While we only have confirmation on a few characters to return for the Rings of Power, there is the potential for a lot more old faces to appear in some capacity.

Characters like Legolas, Gandalf, and Tom Bambadil look like good bets to show up in Amazon’s new series. Here’s how I’ll rank my favorite Lord of the Rings bets in anticipation of the series premiere:

Balrog (+100)
Tom Bambadil (-110)
Legolas (-120)
Arwen (-200)
Gandalf (+120)
Saruman (+200)

Author: Tamara Kim