October 2020 Review +$80.00 – Daily25 Betting Blog

October 2020 Review +$80.00 - Daily25 Betting Blog

A tiny profit in October as the NBA, AFL and NRL seasons ended. The NFL season is in full swing and I am betting both the Line and Totals.

In October, I placed 48 bets, won 23, lost 25, 1 was refunded. I made $80.00 profit at 0.09% ROI.


There were 5 bets to finish off the NBA season. I turned over $6,100.00 and lost $180.00 at -3.0% ROI.

That brings another NBA season to a close with total turnover of $639,200.00 and a profit of $39,640.00 at 6.2% ROI.


Just the 3 bets to end the NRL season. I turned over $350.00 and lost $190.00 for a -54.3% ROI.

That brings the season total to $3,740.00 profit at 10.2% ROI.


7 bets to end the AFL season. I turned over $1,160.00 and lost $50.00 at -4.3% ROI.

The brings the season total to a -$1,370.00 loss at -10.3% ROI.


The NFL models were at opposite ends of the spectrum in October. The Totals did amazing while the Line bets did poorly (mostly thanks to Dallas).

I turned over $41,800.00 on Totals bets and won $7,100.00 at 17% ROI.

I turned over $40,320.00 on Line bets and lost $6,600.00 at -16.4% ROI.

In total that brings the combined season to a profit of $2,550.00 at 1.88% ROI.

Next month

With just the NFL to bet on it’s been a nice peaceful time. The NBA looks set to restart near the end of December, so the next 2 months will be quiet before we go back to daily betting.

The Dailyprofit service will also be going up in price for the final time this year. We will be moving from $159 AUD per month to $199 AUD per month in early December. We will also have a cap of 140 members. That leaves around 14 spots open for the upcoming NBA season. The service now has more members paying a yearly subscription then a monthly one, which goes to show the immense value the service gives.

Total Profit for October was $80.00

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Stats Year 8/9/10/11
Total bet amount: $4,747,760.00
Profit/Loss: $166,250.00
POT: 3.50%
Bets Placed: 3402
Won: 1739
Lost: 1624
Half Payout: 6
Refunded: 33
Winning %: 51.7%
Total profit per day: $494,830.00 / 3,775 = $131.08
Total Turnover: $34,996,980.00
Total ROI: 1.41%

Sport/TipsterWageredProfit/LossROIOctober P/L

AFL H2H$459,360.00-$4,140.00-0.90%-$50.00

AFL Line$452,680.00-$22,670.00-5.0%$0.00

NRL H2H$745,140.00-$10,510.00-1.4%-$190.00

NRL Totals$79,240.00$1,780.002.2%$0.00

NBA Totals$1,811,220.00$146,370.008.1%-$180.00

NBA H2H$208,240.00-$13,830.00-6.6%$0.00

MLB Totals$9,250.00-$1,870.00-20.2%$0.00

NFL Totals$628,890.00$57,580.009.2%$7,100.00

NFL Line$338,460.00$12,950.003.8%-$6,600.00



Author: Tamara Kim