NFL Futures Betting – 4 Secrets Every NFL Futures Gambler Should Know

NFL Futures Betting - 4 Secrets Every NFL Futures Gambler Should Know

Betting NFL Futures

Futures betting is all about timing and opportunity. Football betting sites, for example, are constantly updating their NFL futures odds.

Even when it’s not football season, you can still find odds on the upcoming Super Bowl, conference championships, and even projected divisional standings. You can often find an edge in NFL futures odds if you look in the right place. While some impatient bettors may not be all that interested in waiting months and months for a bet to cash, this is still a hugely profitable way to bet on football over the course of a season.

Placing the right NFL futures bets is a great way for you to boost your betting bankroll. The key is to know which bets to make and when to make them, of course. Here are four tips for betting on NFL futures odds.

Shop for Lines Before Placing Any Bets

Line shopping isn’t the most thrilling part of the NFL online betting experience, but it is absolutely crucial. Not all NFL betting sites have the same odds. That’s why it will be worth your while to take the time to shop around at different sportsbooks in search of discrepancies.

Betting is about finding value. Sometimes, it’s really that simple. Value is the name of the game with NFL futures betting, in particular.

Let’s say one sportsbook has the Los Angeles Rams listed at +600 to win Super Bowl 57. Another book has LA at +650 Super Bowl 57 odds. If you’re confident the Rams will win another championship next season, which odds should you take? +650, of course.

With NFL future bets:

Sportsbooks have to take into account a number of unknowns that could affect how any season ultimately plays out. One factor for which they cannot account is injuries. Key players go down every year, but predicting injuries is impossible before they happen.

NFL futures odds have been known to vary significantly from site to site. If you’re feeling good about a particular bet, take the time to visit a few other betting sites and see if you can find the same bet with even better odds.

If you aren’t checking different sportsbooks for NFL future odds, you’re leaving money on the table.

Evaluate MVP Odds

Betting on the eventual MVP winner in a given season is one of the most popular ways to wager on NFL future odds. Before a season begins, sportsbooks will take the time to handicap the MVP race. Needless to say, these NFL futures odds fluctuate quite a bit over the course of the 18-week regular season.

There is a ton of value to be had in these NFL future odds, especially at the beginning of the season. Because the race is typically so wide open, even the favorites to win MVP will open the campaign at significant plus-money odds. For example, the 2022-23 MVP favorite, Josh Allen, is listed around +600 to win the award at many online sportsbooks.

Obviously, you’ll get pretty good ROI on any bet you win at +600 odds. These particular NFL futures odds will come down as a season progresses, which is why timing is so important. Allen won’t be a +600 favorite all year long. By the end of the season, those odds could even dip into minus-money territory.

Another fun aspect of betting on these NFL futures odds is you can place a number of competing bets and still come out ahead.

Let’s say you wager $5 on Allen at +600, another $5 on Tom Brady at +700, and another $5 on Matthew Stafford at +800. If any of those players happen to win the award, you’re going to win significantly more money than the $15 you invested in the three different wagers.

Division Champions

NFL fans can waste an inordinate amount of time debating which teams will win their divisions before a season begins. Why not put your money where your mouth is and wager on some NFL futures odds instead? NFL betting sites give each team in each division different chances to ultimately win a division title.

Not all divisions are the same, of course.

The AFC West is expected to be incredibly competitive in 2022-23. The Las Vegas Raiders, who were a playoff team in 2021-22, have the worst odds to win the division at +650. The Kansas City Chiefs are unconvincing favorites in the +175 range.

It’s a different story in the AFC East. The Buffalo Bills are absolutely massive -225 favorites to win this division, per the updated preseason NFL future odds. Any other team beating the Bills to the AFC East crown would be a massive upset.

Clearly, there’s a lot more value in betting on any of the four AFC West teams to win their division than doing the same on the Bills at these current NFL futures odds. A $100 wager on Buffalo at -225 would only win you about $44. A winning $100 bet on the Chiefs at +175, meanwhile, would earn $175 in profit. Just about every division will come down to the top two teams, as most bettors aren’t willing to take the risk of putting their money on a team that opens up as a likely third or fourth-place finisher. This is understandable; these teams rarely surprise the world with a division championship, but anything is possible in a league with as much parity as the NFL has.

In the end, the real decision for choosing the eventual division champ isn’t so much about who you think is going to win, but whether or not the opportunity to make money is there. Bet based on the odds, and know that it’s okay to lay off and wait for the odds to get a little more favorable.

Super Bowl Winner

The holy grail of NFL futures bets is, unsurprisingly, predicting which team will win the Super Bowl!

Like all of the other NFL futures bets above:

This one also comes down to the betting odds and the value that can be found when wagering on one team over another. Much like the MVP pick, packaging a couple of Super Bowl bets together is often the best way to turn a profit in the end.

If you look at the odds entering the 2022-23 NFL season, it seems that there’s a great opportunity to cash in.

The Bills are the favorite at +600, followed by the Buccaneers (+700), Chiefs (+1000), and Packers (+1000). What I find interesting about these is that you could put $100 on each of the Bucs, Chiefs, and Packers, and still double your money (at the very least) if any of the teams happen to go all the way. Even splitting up your money between the top three teams would result in a profit if one of them overtakes the Bills and finishes the season as the league champion.

Diversifying your selections and getting action on a number of teams is a good way to minimize your risk while retaining the upside to turn a sizable long-term profit.


There is immense value to be found in NFL future odds. Because not all lines are the same and the odds themselves are changing all of the time, there’s no telling how much money you can bank over the course of a season if you’re diligent about the bets you make.

Do your research before the season to get ahead of the general public, check every available online sportsbook to find the best odds, and you can turn your futures bet into a high return on your initial investment.


Author: Tamara Kim