LFA 137 Odds and Predictions

LFA 137 Odds and Predictions

LFA 137 MMA Background

On UFC Fight Pass, LFA is back with a thirteen fight pro card. LFA 137 odds are provided by betonline.ag, and a click of our place bet buttons will take you straight to building your ticket. .  

LFA 137 Predictions

Here’s a quick snapshot of all thirteen predictions. Scroll for details and advice on how to build your ticket. 

Hyder Amil Money Line -165
Ricardo Dias Money Line +165
Darren Smith Jr. Money Line +330
Lebosnoyani Money Line -365
Cody Davis Money Line -165
Gomes Money Line -280
​​Elkana Money Line -600
Pauline Macias Money Line -300
Pangilinan Money Line -350
Leggett Money Line -170
Brown Money Line -115
Adzoh Money Line +160
Sanders Money Line +180


LFA 137 Odds 

Each fight has money line odds, but few MMA betting sites have any prop bets available. 

LFA 137 Main Event: Chase Gibson +135 vs Hyder Amil -165

Gibson is 2-0 for the LFA after losing in his DWCS appearance in 2020. He defeated the 8-0 Thai Clark at LFA 94. The favorite Amil is undefeated in his pro career. 

Gibson vs Amil Sports Betting Stats


Losses, pro and amatuer 

Finishes by Sub, TKO 
4, 4
3, 1

Years Active 

Both fighters are finishers, and it’s a shame we don’t have an under prop bet. One of my biggest issues with an Amil bet is his quality of opponent to date. His first two bouts were against moderate fighters, and he’s never faced an undefeated fighter or finisher like Gibson. However the majority of Gibson’s finishes are over fighters with losing records. 

Tomorrow! Hyder Amil looks to notch another W inside the @LFAFighting cage! #LFA137 pic.twitter.com/pf2BAbp3PC

— UFC FIGHT PASS (@UFCFightPass) July 28, 2022

Prediction: Hyder Amil Money Line -165

After watching this kid in his Bellator and LFA showings, we see a fighter that has promise in the featherweight division. Amil’s striking looks superior to Gibson’s, as does his conditioning. If Amil can take this fight to a decision I see him winning two rounds to one. 

LFA 137 Co Main Event: Ricardo Dias +165 vs John Sweeney -205

Dias is a Kings MMA fighter coming off his fifth loss. He’s been an active pro since 2011, but until 2018, his bouts were all against low quality fighters.

Sweeney is now 10-3, winning his last four fights.

Sweeney’s three losses have come from moderate grapplers like Cody Durden. 

Prediction: Ricardo Dias Money Line +165

Kings MMA is producing high level grapplers, enough that Ricardo’s four submissions on record should be enough to best the ground game of Sweeney, who primarily trains at a combat kung fu academy. 

Jacob Rosales -430 vs Darren Smith Jr. +330

Rosales has taken on tough fights recently, losing twice at DWCS in 2021 and 2019. He’s now 2-3 in his last five fights, mostly to grapplers like Bryce Logan of Bellator. Smith will fight anyone, anytime. He’s had upset wins at ACB, and a long history of one punch knockouts. 

Prediction: Darren Smith Jr. Money Line +330

Smith has more wins than any fighter Rosales has faced. I don’t think this is a good fight for Rosales, who’s looking to gain back some momentum after his losses. Darren Smith has more power than Jon Pearce, who knocked out Rosales with one clean shot in 2019. 

Jean Paul Lebosnoyani -365 vs Caleb Hall +290

Hall is undefeated, but Lebosnoyani was an amatuer champion with seven fights and seven finishes. He lost to Spike Carlyle in an unfortunate knockout loss. As a pro, Devon Brock (7-4) is Lebosnoyani’s only decent win. Hall’s four wins are all from local Maine MMA bouts. 

Prediction: Lebosnoyani Money Line -365

Fight tape shows Hall to have faced mostly low quality grappling opponents.

Lebosnoyani may be the first fighter he’s faced with any real knockout power, outside of John Harvey,  who knocked out Hall in the amateurs.


Cody Davis -165 vs Mark Climaco +135

With a collective twelve straight wins in amatuer and pro, Davis has never lost over four years of competition. He’s a decision fighter with good wrestling at flyweight, a tough style to beat. Climaco is from AKA who just had his first loss. 

Prediction: Cody Davis Money Line -165

This is a tough fight to call and one of the closest on the card. We feel like it’s close to fifty/fifty, and a bet on the underdog may be the way to go depending on your risk profile and betting ticket. 

Leandro Gomes -280 vs Javier Garcia +220

Gomes lost to Askar Aksar in a narrow split decision, breaking his four fight winning streak. Garcia is a good fighter, beating Aj Cunningham and Ryan Fillingame, but has struggled with athletic strikers. 

Prediction: Gomes Money Line -280

Gomes was a WAKO kickboxing competition and has multiple standing KOs. I see a decision win for Gomes, as Garcia tends to stumble at winning rounds, focusing too often on the finish. 

BIlly Elekana -600 vs Daniel Compton +400

Elekana is undefeated as a pro and lost only once as an amauter since 2017. His striking is slowly improving, putting up two knockouts against pros in less than a year. Compton is on a three fight finishing streak, and has lost five times since 2017. 

Prediction: Elkana Money Line -600

Keep this fight off your parlay ticket, it will be close. Compton is dangerous, but he gets put away too often to bet the money line. Another bout we would have looked at props if they were available. 

Pauline Macias -300 vs Amber Brown +140

After her Contender Series loss, Pauline lost again to the undefeated Marnic Mann. She’s taking a step down in competition against Amber Brown, who’s now 2-5 over her last six. 

Prediction: Pauline Macias Money Line -300

This is our parlay pick for the card. Brown will fight anyone, and Macias was a bad choice. I see Macias besting Brown inside two rounds. 

Karlee Pangilinan -350 vs Mefi Monterroso +275

Pangilinan beat up six fighters with no real pedigree, and has lost his last two bouts. Monterrosso is on a massive losing streak. In boxing and MMA, Mefi has lost seven fights in a row, getting knocked out four times in four years. 

Prediction: Pangilinan Money Line -350

It’s not so much that Karlee is a strong finisher, but Mefi has never beaten a fighter with a winning record, other than the 2-1 Nico Lozada in 2016. This should be fairly one sided, but it would still be the most experienced fighter Karlee has beaten. 

Danny Silva +140 vs Elijah Leggett -170

Silva is undefeated, with four finishes across five pro bouts. He’s clearly a hard hitter, but hasn’t faced much competition. Leggett lost some close decisions as an amatuer, but appears to be facing real fighters, winning four pro decisions this year, taking very little damage in any of them. 

Prediction: Elijah Leggett Money Line -170

Leggett is fantastic at beating small time fighters and avoiding striking exchanges, which is Silva’s only real skill. Silva will swing for the fences and Leggett will survive for the decision win. 

Alandria Brown -115  vs Jasmine Pouncy -115

The odds show this fight being the closest on the card. This is a striker vs grappler battle, with Brown having knockout losses and Pouncy having submission losses. 

Prediction: Alandria Brown Money Line -115

Brown is a CWS fighter, a gym known for being great at submission wins if you aren’t up to their level. Expect Brown to win via submission, with Pouncy struggling to land big shots early. 

Emmanueli Adzoh +160  vs Tyson Miller -200

Adzoh will be the toughest fighter Miller has faced by far. Considering that Miller has one loss to the 0-1 Dupra Goodman in 2019, Adzoh is in this fight. 

Prediction: Emmanueli Adzoh Money Line +160

This fight is a coin toss, making the underdog a good bet. Consider putting a small wager on Adzoh for a good return on the upset. 

Jeffrey Craig -220 vs Orlando Sanders +180

Sanders had a 6-1-1 amatuer career, spanning four years. Criag has been undefeated in all amatuer bouts since 2019. This will be a tough fight for either man. 

Prediction: Orlando Sanders Money Line +180

Sanders has beaten several amateurs with over ten fights. His one loss is to Chuck Brooks, one of the best midwestern amatuer welterweights. Expect Sanders to get the upset. 

Author: Tamara Kim