Learn How to Play Slots

Learn How to Play Slots


Slot machines are one of the easiest bets in the casino. You don’t have to do much thinking or math in your head. It’s completely random. That said, walking into the casino or looking at all of the options on an online shot machine can be intimidating for a rookie.

Learning slot machines does not have to be difficult.

Once you learn how to play slot games, there isn’t much strategy or much involved to have a good time. Hit the button and you are off and running. However, it’s important to understand how slots work before diving in.


This is the importance of learning slot machines properly before playing at an online casino. I was personally a victim of jumping in without learning anything and immediately losing money.

If you don’t understand the bet you are making on the slot machine, there is a potential to bet much more than you intended. Ask me how I know.

Slot machines are meant to be fun, and not a means to make a living.

It’s important to note that slot machines are programmed to statistically work against the player. The house edge does not work in your favor, but this doesn’t mean you can’t strike it big or have fun. Beating the odds is all part of the game.

How To Play Slot Games

TheSportsGeek is going to delve into the steps for learning slot machines. As a pre-step before playing, ensure that you have a proper bankroll for your slot session. Don’t go crazy and not have a financial strategy before going online.

1. Get The Best Online Bonus

Before pressing buttons and looking for a jackpot, shop around and get the best online casino bonus. This is the first step to having success for a game with a high house edge.


What is a slot machine bonus? Essentially it’s free money from the casino for you to play their slot machines. Online casinos offer tremendous promotions to attract players and it’s something that we can take advantage of as gamblers.

The online casino promos are better than the bonuses for sports betting. Also, note that you can sign-up at multiple online casinos to expand your free bet money.

Learning how to play slot machines should primarily be about getting the most out of your bankroll.

We have the best real money slots that you could find online. Instead of researching bonuses for hours, we will make it simple to get started right away.


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2. Understand Donominations and Max Bets

This is important when finding the right slot machine for your bankroll. Slot machines begin at a penny, and can go all the way up to thousands of dollars. The most popular are penny slot machines, followed by a quarter and a dollar. Generally, high-limit room slot machines start at $5.00 or $10.00, depending on the casino.

It’s important to note that the denomination isn’t always indicative of the bet size. For instance, penny slot machines have multiple lines and bet size options. There are some penny machines with hundreds of lines. If you bet all of the lines on a max bet, this could be more than a $20.00 bet. This happened to me when I was a slot machine rookie.

Conversely, a dollar reel machine with one line could have a max bet of $3.00. It’s important to understand how many lines you are playing and the dynamics of the game. On a game with multiple lines, typically the screen will light up with the lines you are playing before betting.

3. The Lower The Demonimation, The Higher The House Edge

Learning slot machines should include pointing you in the right direction with regards to the best payouts. Again, playing at a penny machine doesn’t necessarily mean you are betting less, so this is important to note.

Penny slot machines have the highest house edge.

As you move up to the dollar range and more, these slots have a lower house edge, thus better for the player. It doesn’t mean to go into the high-limit room without the proper bankroll, though.


The dollar slot machine is going to have the lower house edge, and you can find the same bet size as a penny slot. This isn’t true for all games, so you’ll have to look at how many lines there are and the max bet size.

Of course, if you have the right size bankroll and feel lucky, the high-limit slots have the lowest house edge online.

4. Max Bet Required For Big Jackpot/Bonus Round

Do you want to win that big jackpot? To win the progressive and other notable grand prizes, max betting is required to win.

We recommend max bets, but only if your bankroll can sustain this wager.

The size of the max bet depends on the slot machine. Just because it’s a max bet, doesn’t mean it’s out of reach for your bankroll.

What do here is to find a slot machine with a max bet that is affordable to you.

If the slot doesn’t have a jackpot or progressive payout, then this isn’t as much of an issue.

5. There Is No “Due” Factor – Slot Machines Work on an RNG

Keep in mind that if you are losing and expect to land a big hit because you are due, this isn’t how slots work. Understanding slot machines requires examining on a Randon Number Generator works.

The RNG is software inside the slot machine that is generating thousands of number combinations a second. When you press the button on the slot, the game software freezes and lands on a number. This number represents your payout. The symbol combination on the screen is a representation of the RNG landing on a particular number.

There are a few number combinations that produce a big win. There are more number combinations that produce a losing bet. It’s all about getting lucky with timing.

Please Note:

Each spin is independent of the previous bet, like the flip of a coin. This is why it can be possible to have back-to-back big wins, or go hundreds of bets on the slot machine without winning anything.

What TheSportsGeek recommends is to get off the slot machine and avoid this “I’m due” mentality. It could be dangerous financially and lead to uncontrollable losses.


Slot machines can be a good time at the online casino. Chasing the millions on a progressive can be thrilling and exciting.

There isn’t anything wrong with using disposal income to chase a big hit on your favorite slot machine online.

Just understand that slot machines are only meant for entertainment and not a sustainable way to make money consistently. Best of luck and we hope you win big!


Author: Tamara Kim