How to Bet on the NFL Preseason and Win

How to Bet on the NFL Preseason and Win

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The preseason is a time for players to shake off the rust and head coaches to evaluate their talent. These games may not mean anything, but to players on the bubble looking to make the team, this isn’t the case. The Sports Geek will get you ready for the preseason with the best NFL preseason betting guide online.

NFL preseason betting can be profitable for savvy sports bettors.

Betting on meaningless football doesn’t seem like it would be worth betting. It’s often described as degenerate betting, but that’s only for people that don’t go in with a plan. If you aren’t going to do homework and fail to research, then yeah, blindly betting on the NFL preseason is a terrible idea.


The good news is that, yes, betting on the NFL preseason can be a good bet with the right strategy in place. In some cases, it can even be better than betting the regular season. If you find the right spot, there can be value be had betting preseason football.

The Sports Geek has put together a list of the best NFL betting sites for preseason betting. We recommend only playing at the best online sportsbooks for your NFL experience. Once you sign-up, head below for our NFL preseason betting tips.


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1. Head Coach Preseason Records

This is a big one and something you must take into consideration when betting on the NFL preseason. There are head coaches that don’t care at all, while others put more stock into the preseason.


There are coaching staffs that have no interest whatsoever in playing preseason games. They’d rather run an extra training camp session to prepare for Week 1 instead of preseason football.

Looking back at the preseason record of a head coach can be important. In some cases, it’s not going to tell the whole story. Some records aren’t statistically relevant if they have a mediocre record.

Finding head coaches that have above-average records, and fading coaches that have bad records is a good place to start in the NFL preseason.

2. Regular Season Success Isn’t Indicative of Preseason Success

One of the biggest mistakes an NFL bettor can make is looking at past success in the regular season and playoffs for the preseason. Blindly betting on the popular teams that have had success in recent years isn’t necessarily going to work.

Inexperienced sports bettors in the preseason are naturally attracted to successful teams.

However, just because a team, let’s say the Chiefs and Rams, have a reputation for being good teams. They are very good teams, but this doesn’t translate to the preseason.


The Chiefs aren’t interested in seeing how well Patrick Mahomes is going to play in the preseason. In fact, Mahomes isn’t going to see the field much. The preseason is for filling out the roster and giving young players an opportunity.

Don’t fall into the trap of betting teams based on how well they should play in the regular season. Winning games with the best roster on the field isn’t the goal of preseason football. This brings us to our next point regarding quarterback rotations.

3. Quarterback Rotations

It’s critical to look at who is scheduled to play quarterback. Teams usually go through three quarterbacks in a preseason game. Sometimes four quarterbacks will hit the field, with one completing mop-up duty late in the game.

Is the starting quarterback even playing a snap? They may keep their ballcap on and hang out on the sideline.

Getting into the routine of gameday is more important to most starting quarterbacks than actually playing in the game. There might be a coach that gives a starting quarterback more playing time, and it’s something you will have to check out before kickoff.


Veteran quarterbacks in the second half of a preseason game can have an advantage over lesser and inexperienced defensive players. If there is a veteran deep in the depth chart looking to find a job, they are teams to circle.

Most point spreads are going to come down to the 4th quarter, so it’s important to check out the third quarterback on the depth chart.

4. Look At Roster Depth

This goes beyond just looking at the quarterback. There will be some leg work required. Reading season previews for teams and their roster depth has to be part of your NFL preseason strategy.

Point spreads are decided by more than just quarterbacks.

Typically, teams with veterans looking to prove something are a good bet. Rookies and young players tend to fill most of the spots on the field in the second half.

However, if you dig enough, there are players with experience that are playing to stay in the NFL. They are likely to have the advantage over sixth and seven-round selections that have little or no experience.

This isn’t going to take a quick 5-minute scan to complete. This is where the hard-working handicappers are rewarded and why casual fans betting on the NFL preseason tend to fail.

5. Read Local Reports

Local beat reporters are most useful in the preseason. They attend training camps and have inside information about injuries and how things are going in training camp.


Beat reporters are usually front and center with head coaches every day of camp, so they’re going to have the most up-to-date news. Only watching ESPN is the worst possible way to prepare for betting preseason football.

During the regular season for big games, the reporters on national networks are going to have injury reports and updates regarding an upcoming contest. However, this isn’t going to be the case in the preseason.

Please Note:

The local reporters are going to have clues to game plans for the upcoming week, injuries, and how well training camp is going for certain players, along with team rapport.

This is invaluable information that you must be in possession of before betting.


NFL preseason betting can be profitable if you are doing your research for games. Limits on preseason games are not high. Sportsbooks know that a smart sports bettor with the proper tools can do a lot of damage.

Blindly betting NFL preseason games can burn a hole in your bankroll before the regular season kickoff, though. Be smart and bet like a pro.


Author: Tamara Kim