How to Acquire the Best Over/Under Wagers in College Football Betting

How to Acquire the Best Over/Under Wagers in College Football Betting

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College football can be the best sport for betting if you do your homework. There are so many options when it comes to college football that oddsmakers have a tough time keeping up.

Unlike the NFL:

There is a huge sample of games and conferences. This includes over under college football bets. The best over under bets in college football can be found every week with lots of work.

You are going to have to focus and go through the entire card. A quick class isn’t going to work out well. The NFL is the better bet if that’s going to be your game plan for college football.


Just a quick lesson on over under football betting. The goal of over under betting is to predict whether the final score is going to be over or under a certain number. For NCAAF totals, the over under can vary drastically.

NFL totals are generally between 43 to 53 points. With college football totals, we can see everything from the high 30’s to the 80’s. Let’s get into our top tips for finding the best value for your over under college football bets.

The Basics of Betting on NCAA Football Totals

Read The Odds Board Throughly

I can’t stress this enough. You have to do your homework and carefully look at all of the games. There are 131 schools in the D1 FBS, so that means a lot of games every week and the potential for a lot of over under college football bets.


Ensure that you circle the opening over under odds. These can move considerably during the week.

If you need to read through a second or third time, then go for it before locking in your over under bets. There might be something that you may have missed the first time. I’ve fallen victim to this before and missed out.

Shortlist Your Best Bets

Once you’ve gone through the odds board, and it might take more than a few minutes, shortlist your best bets. There is a plethora of college football odds every week, so you have to chunk things down.

Betting the whole board and wildly making reckless bets is a good way to ruin your bankroll in a day. This is why it’s critically important to find your best bets and then ignore the rest.

Some weeks you will have more or fewer bets. It will fluctuate based on the value that you are able to find on the schedule. This may also include no bets. If the lines are too sharp, then it’s better to pass than force bets.

Watch Live Movement

Remember that we recommended noting the opening lines. This is important when you look at the bets you’ve shortlisted. Did the odds move in your favor or against you?


Generally, I’ve found that following the line movement is better than fading where the money and sharps are going.

In other words, if for instance, an over under goes up considerably, there is a good chance that this game is going to be high-scoring.

There comes a point where the increase or drop may completely wipe out the value. If it gets too high or too low, then the value may no longer be available.

Look out for odds that are quickly moving and get in before the odds are unbeatable.

Set Your Own Lines

If you have a good eye for college football and are more on the advanced side, then setting your own NCAAF totals is advised.

Your opinion and numbers will be influenced if you’re looking at the true odds before calculating your own over under odds. Only after should you look at the sportsbooks and do a comparison.

The best bets to make are the over unders that are different from your own.

In this example, you set your total at 45 points, but the odds are the sportsbooks are 52 points. The under would look for this spot.

Key Numbers for College Football Totals

Compared to the NFL, key numbers aren’t as important in college football. As we noted, over unders in the NFL typically fall between 43 to 53 points, with some variations.

However, when it comes to college football, totals and scores are all over the place. The difference in talent and playing styles can be quite staggering.

This goes for offenses and defenses. There are teams that do nothing but pound the ball and play defense. While others run the spread offense and go as fast as possible.

As a result, there are going to be totals between games that can range from a 40-point difference! A game between Army and Navy isn’t going to be the same as Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma. Another thing to note is that kickers in college football can be terrible.

This can make finding key numbers difficult as well, at least compared to the NFL where key numbers are of the utmost importance. My advice is to compare your over under college bets between sportsbooks before confirming your wagers. Line shopping is the best policy.

Please Note:

Trends that go back 50 years are not advisable. The game has changed so much that trends and averages from 10 years, let alone 50 years, are not the best to use. Over the last 50 years, 28% of games end around 47 points. Scoring has gone up considerably over the last decade, though.

In conclusion, key numbers aren’t as important as for NFL betting. Find your best bets and best odds then evaluate the situation.

Find Value in Low-Profile NCAA Games

This is some of the best college football betting advice you’ll find on the internet. Instead of just betting on the mainstream games everyone is talking about, consider looking at the Group of Five conferences.

The Group of Five consists of the AAC, MAC, Sun Belt, Mountain West, and Conference USA.

Oddsmakers have so many college football games that they must account for every week. Their algorithms are not sharper for these small-time games. When there is big money flowing in, this is how they can get the perfect odds.

The big money is not typically going towards the Group of Five games. You’ll oftentimes find big bets in the SEC and Big Ten, though the value isn’t always in those matchups. Your odds board evaluation should include looking at making over under college football bets for the smaller conferences.

It’s also worth noting that the big line moves in these games are very important. If there is a big odds shift on an under-the-radar game, this could indicate a sharp or betting syndicate moving the odds. Generally, you have to find these steam bets before the rest of the public does.

You Can’t Trust Stats and College Football Trends

This goes back to how it’s imperative not to trust stats and trends going back years. If you’ve followed college football for 20 years or more, you’ll know why this is impossible.

College football has changed drastically since the 80’s and 90’s. We can go as far as saying it’s changed a lot since the 2000’s. There were many more offenses that ran a traditional pro-style offense then.

Mike Leach and Texas Tech popularized the air-raid offense in Lubbock. There were other teams that adopted the hurry-up offense, and then RPO (run-pass-option) took off with more teams running this offense than a pro-style offense.

How do stats from way in the past impact today? Maybe you can make the argument for rivalry games, but even that’s stretching the truth.

It’s also important to keep in mind that offensive styles change over the years. New head coaches like to implement their own offense, so previous styles can come and go. Take for instance the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Please Note:

Georgia Tech was masters of the triple-option under head coach Paul Johnson. They don’t use a triple-option any longer. This happens every year, so stats for that team in the past are useless.

High Turnover for Rosters

Previous season stats and trends are also complicated when you take into account players graduating and moving on. There are teams that are stacked with seniors one year, but the following season, they may all be gone.


If a team is going to a new quarterback and playmakers, this is undoubtedly going to impact the over under. Also, keep in mind that defensive players are vital to this argument as well.

Finding the teams that have a loaded experienced offense, but an inexperienced defense should be good on betting the over, at least early in the season before the sportsbooks catch on.


There are best over under bets on the college football schedule to be had this season. They are out there every week.


It’s going to require hard work and determination to be successful. While college football can be a wild ride, it can also be profitable if you are up for putting in the work every week.

Stay with The Sports Geek all season long to help you with your over under college football bets.


Author: Tamara Kim