Craps Mistakes to Avoid at Online Casinos

Craps Mistakes to Avoid at Online Casinos

Mistakes To Avoid Craps

Craps is a game with a few simple pitfalls that are easy to misunderstand. Most craps mistakes by beginners are made by missing fundamental gambling rules, but some of the biggest craps mistakes are more common for advanced players to make. 

Biggest Craps Mistakes 

We’ve listed these from the most common for beginners to the mistakes that even advanced players make. You’ll find that the more you know about craps, the easier it is to make some of these mistakes. The short version is: 

Not understanding how to play craps
Focusing on longshot bets
Not matching your budget and your strategy
Covering numbers and experimenting too often
Thinking you’re ‘using probability’ by predicting rolls  

Placing Bets Without Understanding the Returns and Odds

One of the craps mistakes made by beginners is playing the game without understanding the fundamental craps bets. We’ve outlined the basics here, and until you understand the pass and come bets, it’s best to take your time before trying to implement larger strategies. 

Understanding Bet Returns in Craps

Many new players think craps bets are all 1:1, but each bet will have a different return based on its probability, many offering less than 1:1 on your win. 

Craps Bets
Online Casino Return on Wager

Pass, Come, Don’t Pass, Don’t Come, Field Bet, Big 6 or 8

Buy Bet 4 or 10,  Field bet 2 or 12

Buy Bet 5 or 9

Buy Bet 6 or 8

Place Bet 4 or 10

Place Bet 5 or 9

Place Bet 6 or 8

One Roll Bet 2 or 12 

This is a sampling of the many returns across the eleven types of bets and nearly sixty individual bets that can be made on a craps table. Know the odds before you place your bet. 

Taking Mostly Bets With A High House Edge

Another craps mistake that’s fairly common is betting with a high house edge. Some players will avoid the most basic strategies looking for high payouts often.

If you have a big bankroll and you’re trying a Martingale strategy, this isn’t a bad idea.

However, most bettors will avoid these high risk bets. House edge means that the dealer and casino have a higher chance of winning on each roll. They make up for this with a bigger payout, but that just draws craps beginners in. 

Craps Bet’s With the Biggest House Edge

Here are some of the bets with the smallest and largest house edge. 

Craps Bet 
Largest House Edge by Percentage 

Odds Bet 

Pass Line Bet

Place 4 or 10 

Hardway 4 or 10

One Roll Bet 2 or 12 

While the payout goes up with the house edge, many bettors underestimate what this seemingly small edge can do to a game. For example, the legal house edge on slot machines falls between 5 and 10%. A little goes a long way in house edge, and new craps players fail to understand this. 

Placing Too Many Bets Without A Strategy

As many players begin to understand bets, they start to work strategies where they cover multiple numbers. This form of hedging your bets can be useful in strategies involving field bets and don’t come bets. It can also be a pain on your bankroll. 

Simply put, the more bets you place, the more numbers are destined to lose when you have a winning bet.

Theoretical, one can cover every number on the table, but they would definitely lose money when they win. 

How to Avoid Placing Too Many Bets

Start with winning strategies that most high level craps players use and develop your own strategies after having success with the basics.  

Not Understanding Your Bankroll Up Front 

Many gamblers don’t count their bankroll up front before they start to play. A bankroll is a term for how much you’re willing to play with during a session of gambling, or a budget you’ve set for the week. 
Bankroll can and should affect your play style. You may start very low risk up front, and wait to make high risk bets until you move to the end of your bank roll. Players at online craps sites are more prey to miscounting their bankroll, because they’re not playing with physical chips. 

Tips for Managing Your Bankroll in Craps

Check your bank account and deposit your limit the week before playing 
Match your strategy and play style to your bankroll

Know how many rounds you can make it without winning in a Martingale strategy 
If you’re running Iron cross, what percentage of the field bet should your buy bet be?

Don’t include perspective winnings as part of your strategy when managing your bankroll 

Thinking You Can Predict The Dice

This is the mistake I see even high level craps players and Twitch craps players making over and over. You see a five come up six or seven times, so you place bets on it. You haven’t seen an eleven all night, so you bet the Yo. 

It is a mistake to think you can predict the dice by what has or hasn’t been rolled.

Probability doesn’t work that way. In a number generator like the ones used in online craps, you’d expect to see all 36 dice outcomes split evenly; but only over an infinite number of rolls. 

How to Avoid Predicting the Dice

In craps, the strategy is found in how you place your bets and how you manage your bankroll. Don’t fall into a magical thinking trap that could cost you easy wins. 

Avoiding Craps Mistakes

Now that you’ve looked at the mistakes most craps players make, you can work around them with superior strategy and understanding. Test these mistakes at the table, with plenty of deposit bonuses from our friends at Bovada and Wild Casino. 

Author: Tamara Kim