Betting Odds For The Better Call Saul Season 6 Finale

Betting Odds For The Better Call Saul Season 6 Finale

Better Call Saul Finale Part 2 Betting Guide

At long last, Better Call Saul is back. The sixth and final season of AMC’s acclaimed drama hit the pause button in May after seven episodes. After taking a couple of months off, Jimmy McGill and friends will return for six more episodes, starting on Monday, July 11th.

So, if you’re still catching up, you’ve still got some time. However, time is running out for you to get your bets placed. The top entertainment betting sites on the web are already armed with Better Call Saul finale odds ahead of the season’s resumption early next week.

Will Kim Wexler survive? When will Lalo Salamanca die? When will Walter White and Jesse Pinkman make their highly-anticipated cameos? Let’s dive into the final six episodes of Better Call Saul. This post includes Better Call Saul season 6 spoilers, so reader beware.

Better Call Saul Finale Odds

If Kim Wexler is Murdered, Who Will Kill Her?

Lalo Salamanca (-115)
Anyone Else (+200)
Salamanca Twins (+300)
Gus Fring (+350)
Victor (+600)
Tyrus (+900)
Don Eladio (+1000)
Mike Ehrmantraut (+1000)

We’ve wondered for the entirety of Better Call Saul to this point what will ultimately become of Jimmy’s running buddy and wife, Kim Wexler. Unlike Gus, Mike, and, of course, Jimmy, Kim doesn’t appear in Breaking Bad. So, there must be a reason for that.

The simplest explanation is that the show’s writers simply hadn’t created her yet, but one would imagine they’re going to have to come up with a reason that actually makes sense for the show itself. Some believe the couple’s exploits will ultimately lead to Kim’s death before the end of the season. If so, who will kill her?

The easiest bet here is Lalo Salamanca, of course. Lalo is the most dangerous character in the series at this point, and we literally just saw him shoot Howard Hamlin from point-blank range in the most recent episode. Lalo has beef with Jimmy and Kim, and we know he’s certainly capable of killing just about anybody. At -115, Lalo is the best bet to kill Kim, if she winds up dying.

At this point, Lalo is the only character in the show that makes any sense as a potential executioner for Kim. That’s probably why you can get the field at favorable +200 Better Call Saul season 6 odds. The Salamanca twins (+300) are scary, but they seem more interested in what Gus and Mike are up to than what Jimmy and Kim may do.

Gus (+350), Victor (+600), Tyrus (+900), and Mike (+1000) have problems of their own, too. It would feel quite unsatisfactory for a central character like Kim to be offed by a rando like Victor or Tyrus, anyway. I’d imagine the show’s writers are better than that.

I’m skeptical Kim will die at all in Better Call Saul season 6. More on that later. If you do want to bet on this prop, take Lalo’s current -115 Better Call Saul finale odds.

Best Bet: Lalo Salamanca (-115)

What Will Happen to Kim?

Escapes Albuqurque Alive (-220)
Dies (+155)

As you can see, the updated Better Call Saul season 6 odds think Kim is much more likely to survive (-220) than die (+155). Not only do we never see Kim in Breaking Bad, but she’s never even mentioned. That’s pretty interesting considering she was married to Jimmy, though Jimmy’s storyline is only tangential to Breaking Bad’s overall plot.

Kim seems to get more brazen and reckless with each passing episode. Over the course of the series, she has transformed from one of Albuquerque’s most respected young defense lawyers into such a shameless grifter that even Slippin’ Jimmy seems surprised.

We already saw the grift catch up with the couple in a big way earlier this season when Howard was the unfortunate collateral damage in their complicated game. There will certainly be more consequences from here, which leads them both down a dark path.

That said, there have been a few hints in the series to this point that lead me to believe Kim is more likely to survive than not at the end of the season. For one, we know Kim is already well aware of the vacuum salesman whose side hustle is helping people disappear and establish new identities far, far away from Albuquerque. She found his card at the local vet:

We also know that Saul disappears to Nebraska when he has to take the vacuum guy up on his services at the end of Breaking Bad. Each season of Better Call Saul begins with a flash-forward to Jimmy’s new life as a Cinnabon manager somewhere in the middle of Nebraska.

Interestingly enough, we learned earlier in the series that Kim actually grew up in Nebraska. It could be a simple coincidence, but nothing is really a coincidence with this show’s writers.

At some point, I think Jimmy (aka Gene Takovic) will be reunited with Kim (under her own alias) in Nebraska. As a result, Kim’s -220 Better Call Saul season 6 odds on survival look increasingly appealing.

Best Bet: Escapes Albuquerque Alive (-220)

What Will Happen to Lalo First?

Enters Gus Fring’s Lab (-600)
Dies (+350)

While Kim is never mentioned at any point in Breaking Bad, we do actually hear Lalo’s name uttered once in the original series. Walt and Jesse kidnap Saul as he’s coming out of his office, and he’s worried either Lalo or Nacho is behind it.

Of course, at the time, we had no idea who Lalo or Ignacio were. Now, based on his violent exploits, we can see why Jimmy was terrified.

Most of the show’s characters have spent season six thinking Lalo was dead. In reality, he’s been traveling the world and trying to learn about the secret construction site Gus is overseeing on behalf of the drug cartel. The whole thing is very hush-hush, of course, but Lalo ultimately learned Gus is building a massive new meth lab underneath a local laundromat.

Toward the end of the first half of Better Call Saul season 6, we see Lalo outside the lab, planning an invasion. He tells Hector Salamanca his plan to try and kill some of Gus’s security guards in an attempt to gain entry. Earlier in the season, we saw a paranoid Gus actually hide a gun inside the lab itself, which may have been a hint that the two rivals will confront one another down there at some point.

My best prediction here is that Gus will eventually kill Lalo in that confrontation before he buries his body underneath the lab itself. So, the best bet here is for Lalo to enter the lab (-600) before he meets his certain doom. Sadly, those -600 Better Call Saul betting odds do not offer a whole lot of bang for your buck.

Best Bet: Enters Gus Fring’s Lab (-600)

Will Gus Kill Lalo?

There is certainly a chance Lalo winds up surviving through the end of the season, though it seems rather unlikely. Lalo is way too dangerous, and he’s another guy we don’t see at any point in the Breaking Bad timeline. He’s gotta go.

Gus, of course, is the man most desperate to see Lalo meet his end. Gus already tried to arrange to have Lalo killed down in Mexico, but the plan went awry. Lalo knows it was Gus in spite of his repeated denials, and Gus knows that Lalo knows.

That’s why we see the aforementioned paranoid Gus taking as many steps as he possibly can to keep himself safe while Lalo is on the lam. Gus has gone as far as to tap Lalo’s phone, which leads to Lalo telling Hector his “plan” to kill Gus. A showdown, at this point, seems inevitable.

I’m a little surprised the odds actually favor someone other than Gus to be the one to ultimately kill Lalo. We know about the gun, and we know Lalo is going to try to break into the lab. Plus, what could be more poetic to a guy like Gus than to house his entire moneymaking drug operation on top of the buried body of his most fierce rival?

Gus is going to kill Lalo before the end of the series. Take the -110 Better Call Saul odds on Gus to be the triggerman while you can still get them.

Best Bet: Yes (-110)

Who Will Be Seen First?

Hank Schrader (-200)
Tuco Salamanca (+150)

Two Breaking Bad characters we’ve already seen make Better Call Saul cameos are Hank Schrader and Tuco Salamanca. Hank, of course, is the wisecracking DEA agent out to keep Albuquerque’s streets as clean as he can. He’s also Walter White’s brother-in-law. Tuco is the unpredictable nephew of Hector and cousin of Lalo.

We saw Hank back in season five patrolling the streets with his partner, Steve Gomez. We haven’t seen Tuco since he was arrested in season two, though we heard in season five that he is expected to be released fairly soon.

Frankly, we have no idea whether either Hank or Tuco will be seen again before the end of this show. The Better Call Saul finale odds favor Hank pretty heavily at -200, which makes more sense. Tuco is still incarcerated, for all we know, and there probably isn’t much of a reason to reintroduce him to the storyline right now.

Hank is the better bet to be seen first, but neither is a sure thing.

Best Bet: Hank Schrader (-200)

Who Will Be Seen First?

Jesse Pinkman (-300)
Walter White (+200)

Before the beginning of the sixth season debuted, the showrunners revealed that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will both make cameos before BCS ends. We haven’t seen either of Breaking Bad’s primary protagonists yet, and there’s no telling how heavily either will be involved.

Jesse is a very low-level drug slinger at the time Better Call Saul takes place, while Walt is still an innocent high school chemistry teacher. Pinkman certainly seems like the type of character Saul is looking to attract to his budding new law practice, and it’s fair to assume that’s how they’ll eventually meet.

How the writers tie Walt into Better Call Saul remains to be seen. Walt is already exiled and/or dead by the time Saul transforms into Gene Takovic. His descent (ascent?) into a new career as a local drug kingpin hasn’t yet taken place during the vast majority of this series’ timeline.

I think the Better Call Saul season 6 odds favor Jesse to be seen first because it’s easier to see how he can be written into the plot. Walt and Jesse aren’t all that likely to be together at this point, either. There is merit to taking a flier on Walt’s +200 odds instead, but Jesse looks like the smartest use of your betting bankroll here.

Best Bet: Jesse Pinkman (-300)

Author: Tamara Kim