Betting Odds and Predictions for Thor: Love and Thunder

Betting Odds and Predictions for Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor Love And Thunder Betting Odds

Would summer really be here without another Marvel movie? I contend it would not. Fortunately, one is on the way.

Thor: Love and Thunder is due to hit theaters on Friday, July 8th, though you’ll surely find theaters near you showing the film a day earlier.

This will be the fourth Thor-specific installment in Marvel’s ever-growing portfolio. It’s been a while since he had the silver screen to himself, however, as Thor: Ragnarok came out way back in 2017. Needless to say, a lot has happened in the Avengers’ cinematic universe since then.

While this will be the fourth standalone Thor film, this will mark Chris Hemsworth’s eighth appearance as the character across the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor recently said he wishes to continue playing Thor after Love and Thunder, which means this character is still far from retirement.

You can actually bet on the latest Thor film. You can find Thor: Love and Thunder odds at your favorite entertainment betting sites in advance of the movie’s release later this week.

Thor: Love and Thunder Cast

Marvel movies are all the rage these days. Every single new release becomes a smash-hit at the box office, which means they’ve got seemingly unlimited money with which to work. Thor: Love and Thunder had a budget of a whopping $250 million, for example.

Naturally, Hemsworth returns to reprise his role as the titular protagonist. Tessa Thompson will also return as Valkyrie after debuting in Ragnarok a few years ago. Natalie Portman, also known as Dr. Jane Foster, is back for her fourth appearance in a Marvel film.

But that’s not all, of course. A budget that massive means Love and Thunder was able to attract a couple of other major Hollywood heavy-hitters. Christian Bale will make his MCU debut as Gorr the God Butcher, who will serve as the primary villain in the new movie.

Russell Crowe is another MCU debutant. The Oscar winner will portray Zeus, who is obviously based on the Greek god of the same name.

The Guardians of the Galaxy – Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Karen Gillan, Dave Bautista, and Pom Klementieff – will make cameos. Ditto for Matt Damon, Luke Hemsworth, and Sam Neill.

Thor: Love and Thunder Betting Odds

Will Thor Die?

Marvel writers haven’t been afraid to kill off major characters in the past. Most notably, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) is the most notable death we’ve seen rock the MCU over the past few years. Chris Evans’ Captain America also passed his shield on to his protege, Anthony Mackie.

Thor did die a couple of times in old comic books, but we can hardly glean too much from those. The films are also operating almost entirely independently of what transpired in the comics, so take that information with a massive grain of salt.

Thor has also endured quite a bit of personal loss already, with his father (Odin), mother (Frigga), and brother (Loki) all perishing in the past. Let’s not forget Bale’s character is literally named Gorr the God Butcher. His quest, as you may be able to tell, is to kill every god. Thor will be in Gorr’s crosshairs in Love and Thunder.

Because Hemsworth has already said he would like to keep playing the character in the future, though, I have a hard time believing he’ll die in this movie. Unless he’s trying to pull a fast one on all of us, why would he say that if he knows his character is doomed?

Pass on the +250 Thor: Love and Thunder odds on the main character to die. Something tells me he’ll defeat Gorr and keep on livin’.

Best Bet: No (-500)

How Many Planets Will Thor Visit?

1 (+2000)
2 (+1600)
3 (+250)
4 (+150)
5 (+150)
6 or More (+250)

One of the perks of being Thor is the ability to travel fairly effortlessly around the galaxy. Based on the trailer, it’s fair to assume Thor will do quite a bit of traveling over the course of Love and Thunder’s 119-minute runtime. The official trailer shows our main man visiting a variety of locations:

So, it’s easy to see why there are such long Love and Thunder odds on Thor to visit just one or two planets at +2000 and +1600, respectively. Earth and New Asgard, at the very minimum, look like locks. We see Zeus on what appears to be a third planet, as well.

I think we’re looking at a minimum of three different planetary visits for Thor in this movie (+350), but four or five (+150 apiece) look like the safer bets. There’s a bit more betting value on six or more at +250, if you’re feeling frisky.

Best Bet: 6 or More (+250)

Which Characters Will Appear?

Darcy Lewis (+125)
Lady Loki (+250)
Professor Selvig (+250)
Hulk (+275)
Nova (+850)
Storm (+1000)
Scarlet Witch (+1200)

We know which credited actors will make appearances in Thor: Love and Thunder, but Marvel films are typically jam-packed with a bunch of unexpected cameos, as well.

Darcy Lewis (+125) is the betting favorite to appear in Love and Thunder. She showed up in each of the first two Thor iterations but was absent from Ragnarok. However, if Kat Dennings is to be believed, it sounds as though she has no idea where her character stands with regard to potential future appearances, which casts some doubt on whether she’ll pop back up in Love and Thunder.

We first met Lady Loki, the alternate version of Thor’s own brother, in the Disney+ Loki series. She hasn’t yet met Thor, but it’s fair to assume the two will eventually encounter each other.

Professor Selvig checks in at +250 Thor: Love and Thunder odds to make a surprise appearance. He’s no stranger to Thor, of course, after appearing in each of the first two films as well as three more Avengers movies. It’s a little surprising his odds are as long as they are given his direct ties to both Thor and Natalie Portman’s female version.

Hulk (+275) faces slightly longer odds, while all of Nova (+850), Storm (+1000), and Scarlet Witch (+1200) are serious long shots.

I see no reason not to jump all over the +250 odds on Selvig to show his face at some point in the film.

Best Bet: Dr. Selvig (+250)

Author: Tamara Kim