6 Tips for Live Betting the NFL

6 Tips for Live Betting the NFL

6 Tips for Live Betting the NFL

One of the best things that have come of the advancement of online betting is NFL live betting. Online betting sites are making it more convenient and intuitive than ever for in-game wagering. This allows us to develop efficient NFL live betting strategy plans going into the football season.

Sportsbooks have come a long way since only offering halftime wagering.

Halftime betting is a form of in-game betting. It was revolutionary for the time, but has become almost as common as pre-game wagering. Then they introduced live-game betting at commercial breaks and it’s evolved since then.

No Need To Wait For a Commercial

Online sportsbooks didn’t have the software to generate new lines and odds on the run. They had to wait for a commercial break or stop of play to implement new live betting odds. However, newer sportsbook software has allowed for more opportunities.

When it comes to having NFL live betting strategy in the modern era, you must be on your toes and paying attention. The odds you want may vanish quickly or go up. It doesn’t take a lot of time to miss out on the best value.

Let’s look at the best NFL live betting strategies to exploit live NFL odds. These don’t promise a profit every Sunday, but they can help you get the most out of your bankroll.

How To Live Bet On The NFL

Most NFL sportsbooks offer live NFL odds. Any that don’t are well behind in the year 2022. However, some are definitely better than others, whether it’s because of the live betting menu or safe and you will receive your money.

The Best Live Betting

At TheSportsGeek, we’ve highlighted the best NFL live betting sites online. Once you sign-up, navigate to the NFL section of the website. We suggest having at least three sportsbooks to get the most out of live betting.

There should be a live betting portal or page to access the live odds. From there, follow our NFL live betting strategy for tips and advice.

NFL Live Betting Strategy

1. Take Notes During the Game

If you are somebody that just likes to bet and follow the stat tracker and updates on your phone, then live betting isn’t going to be for you. It is imperative that you are watching the game and taking notes, even if they are just mental notes.

The score, especially in the first quarter, isn’t completely indicative of how the game is going.

There are instances when a team is being outplayed, but they still have the lead on the scoreboard despite losing the battle on the field.

Flukey touchdowns are part of football. It’s impossible to avoid as a football bettor. Sometimes it works in your favor and unfortunately, it doesn’t.

A fumble recovery deep in an opponent’s territory or return doesn’t tell the whole story of the game. This is why blindly looking at the scoreboard doesn’t tell everything.

What do you want to look for in these instances? Note the team’s body language. If they look defeated after a bad break, it can be tough to recover from.

Of course, this depends on the team, as a team with an established leader, Bucs with Tom Brady, aren’t going to allow his team to get down. A team with solid veteran leadership that catches bad breaks early can be a good team to bet, with likely better value than the pre-game line.

2. Line Shop at Multiple Sportsbooks

It’s important to have multiple outlets at NFL betting sites. Even more so than pre-game odds, NFL live betting odds can be much different depending on where you are looking.

To have the most success with live betting, you are going to want to line shop across different online sportsbooks.

This isn’t the most difficult task, but it’s important to have a few windows up with at least three online betting sites. You will have to be quick and aware.

If you are going to have long-term success, it’s going to require several sportsbooks on NFL Sunday. Consider checking out our best NFL betting sites for live wagering.

3. Identify Comeback Value

Not every favorite or good team gets off to a fast start in the first half. Perhaps they are playing poorly or just caught some bad breaks on turnovers or kick returns. There is also the potential that they’re in a letdown spot after a big win the week before or rusty following a bye week.

The one situation to avoid is teams that are coming off a big win a week earlier. If they are going to make a comeback, it’s probably going to be a close win and fail to cover the spread.

The best teams in the NFL know how to avoid letdowns, but the good to moderately successful teams fall into this trap often.

As we noted earlier, identifying teams with good body language and veteran leadership is good for these spots. It’s especially true if they’re playing a less talented team and just had a half or quarter.

Do Your Research

Noting quarterbacks and teams that have had success coming from behind is helpful as well. Veteran quarterbacks that have a lot of history in the NFL are the best to research.

4. Develop an NFL Live Betting Strategy

There are multiple options on the NFL live betting board. It can be overwhelming if you don’t go into a game with a clear NFL live betting strategy.

The first step is to look at and note what the pre-game odds were in the game. This includes the spread, moneyline, total, and props if your sportsbook offers in-game prop betting.

Identity bets that you are leaning towards, but don’t see much value in betting at the time. While there may not be the best value then, live betting might present a good betting spot.

Keep it simple as well. One or two bets are enough to track during a game across multiple sportsbooks.

5. Don’t Chase Your Bets

This betting tip can be used across any form of gambling, but it’s tenfold as important when it comes to live NFL odds. NFL live betting lines are accessible at any time during a game, and there are multiple games ongoing on a Sunday afternoon.

Avoid The Temptation

It’s easy to pull the trigger on more bets when things aren’t going your way, but it’s best to stick to your original NFL live betting strategy. If things are going sideways, don’t force random bets to get your money back.

Sometimes it might work, but it will eventually catch up to your bankroll. The worst thing that can happen is that your chase system works at first. The odds are too good that it’s eventually going to turn to ruins.

The same goes for if you are having success. Avoid pressing because you have a bigger bankroll. Go into the next week with a fresh perspective and a clear mind.

6. Identify a Team’s Best Quarter

There are teams that like to get off to fast starts, and others that don’t get going until after halftime. It’s vital information for NFL live betting to know a team’s best and worst quarters.

The public and live sportsbooks odds may not pick up on this one, so it’s an important tool to have in your arsenal. Public bettors like to bet with their hearts and ignore these invaluable trends.

We can include quarterbacks in this discussion as well. Not only identify which quarter is the best and worst for a team, but are their quarterbacks that prefer certain segments of a game?

If a quarterback is down going into the 4th and they have quality 4th quarter numbers, that could be a signal to bet.

Ensure that these statistics are relevant and statistically significant. Because a team had a good 4th quarter a week earlier doesn’t mean it will happen this week. Look at a large enough sample size of games to dictate your opinion.


Live betting can be a curse or a blessing. It all depends on your approach. If you go into each day with a clear mind and objectives, then your odds of success are much better.

The sportsbooks take advantage of bettors that don’t prepare. Having an NFL live betting strategy might be the best weapon during football season.

Author: Tamara Kim