5 Reasons Why You Should Use Crypto at Online Casinos

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Crypto at Online Casinos

Online Gambling With Crypto

If you’re still not convinced that crypto gambling is for you, we’re serving up five reasons to spend your coins at online casinos. 

Why Should You Use Crypto?

Cryptocurrency is alive and well in online gambling. It’s far superior to cash gambling online, and has a thriving economy of benefits.

The blockchain hasn’t convinced everyone. If your confidence in crypto is fading, or you have a wallet full of cryptocurrency that you’d rather spend than sell, consider online sportsbooks and casinos. Crypto for online gambling offers massive bonuses and benefits. With the right strategy, crypto can massively increase your payout across various sportsbooks. 

Crypto Offers Sportsbook and Casino Deposit and Match Bonuses

When depositing cryptocurrency to an online casino, the majority of offshore casinos now offer matching bonuses up to a specific value. For instance, if you’re crypto gambling at Bovada this month, they’ll offer a 75% match up to $750 on Bitcoin, USDT, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash/SV. 

Many online casinos offer short term bonuses, and depositing from wallet to casino is quickly becoming a skill all online gamblers possess.  

The bonuses change month to month If you use multiple sportsbooks, crypto for gambling can quickly maximize your payouts with match bonuses. 

Crypto Specific Casinos and Loyalty Programs are On The Rise 

Casinos like Bitstarz only accept Bitcoin, and there are many others focusing on crypto gambling in their wake. To keep up with these programs, casinos like Betonline are offering a 35% reload bonus, essentially creating a crypto loyalty program. You’ll get another 35% on every crypto deposit you make to the site. 

Wild Casino and other offshore casinos now have specialty games specific to crypto gambling. They each operate on Adobe Flash and are built for use on your smartphone. 

Crypto Deposits are Flat Fee and Fast 

In many cases, crypto gambling offers free deposits with some coins. If they’re not free, they’re flat fee rather than a percentage. Cash deposits must pay a deposit fee that is a small percentage of the deposit, sometimes as high as 15.9% depending on which casino you’re working with. 

How to Get Free Crypto Casino Deposits

Crypto ofen has a flat fee, but with the current bonuses at most casinos, free deposits are more and more common.

You’ll also see higher maximum deposits in crypto gambling. This means you can get more money into your casino wallet for less.

You can deposit $100,000 of any crypto currency for a single flat fee (or no fee) to Wild Casino, compared to a maximum deposit of $5000 with most forms of cash. 

Crypto Deposit Speed

Crypto is often instantaneous during deposits. Some sites tell you to expect fifteen minutes to two hours. This is blazing fast compared to the 3-5 days it takes for cash to get from your bank to a casino. The blockchain offers incredible speed in online services. 

Anonymous and Borderless Gambling is Possible with Cryptocurrency 

There are two levels of anonymity in crypto for gambling. First is that you don’t get a bank transaction for crypto gambling. In this way, your debit card transactions or credit card balance sheet will show no record of your crypto gambling deposit. 

Why Would You Gamble with Crypto Anonymously?

There are also ways to be fully anonymous with crypto gambling. You can deposit from a wallet that is totally disconnected from your personal information using online crypto markets like Gate.io.

Forgetting your crypto wallet pin number loses access to that coin, potentially forever.

Write down your access codes physically, somewhere safe.  The higher the anonymity, the lower the chance of wallet recovery. 

Using Anonymity in Crypto Gambling

Borderless gaming means that gambling online with a VPN anywhere in the world is possible. This anonymous style of crypto deposit makes it so that your country of origin remains unseen during crypto deposits. 

Crypto Gambling Could be More Secure than Cash Gambling

With potential fraud issues or security breaches when using your money online, gambling with crypto is far more secure. Crypto wallet information is not held on the site. The transition from your wallet to a casino wallet doesn’t require your banking information to be kept. This exchange of crypto is safe on the Blockchain. 

📣Top crypto gambling facts:

▪1. Crypto bets are on the rise.
▪2. A comprehensive regulatory framework is still missing.
▪3. iGaming does not live on Bitcoin alone.

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You may here that some casinos offering crypto betting are less secure, which is why were focused on the same few secure casinos and sportsbooks rather than quick to pop up crypto only casinos.

Encryption and Validation

Online Crypto Gambling uses the blockchain to determine where the coin is going or has gone. Hackers that intend on stealing your coin have to access the blockchain and create fake transactions, a very difficult thing to do. In our opinion, this is why it’s best to stick with the major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you’re gambling on a regular basis, use coins you’re comfortable with. Using alt coins should be reserved for hunting out specific bonuses or spending your winnings on a coin you’ve invested in. 

Crypto When Gambling Recap

Online Crypto Gambling offers some serious advantages: 

Deposit matching at most casinos
Loyalty programs and crypto only games
Deposit advantages like low fees and speed
Anonymous gambling and no bank trail
Security and theft protection 

Author: Tamara Kim