5 Gambling Strategies All Newbies Can Learn Very Quickly

5 Gambling Strategies All Newbies Can Learn Very Quickly

5 Gambling Strategies All Newbies Can Learn Very Quickly

We all have to start somewhere and that includes gambling. When I first started gambling, I wish that I had some guidance before starting. If you go in without any guidance or advice, it can be an expensive and not-so-fun endeavor. Gambling strategies are important for having an enjoyable experience.

TheSportsGeek is highlighting the best online gambling strategies for new players.

After you have the basics down and gain experience, then it can be time to get into betting strategies. Fortunately, online gambling makes it much simpler to learn the fundamentals from home.

These online gambling strategies can be used at your local casino or online, but we’re focusing on online casinos. Online casinos have the lowest limits compared to land-based casinos. It’s important to start small and move up.

Let’s get into strategies for gambling online and the best gambling tips for new players. Also, check out what we have for the top online casinos to play at so you can brush up on your skills.

Gambling Strategies for New Players

1. Learn The Odds

Before depositing money into your online casino account, it’s important to learn the odds of the games you are playing. This has to be the first step in your gambling strategy.

You can improve your odds of winning significantly by playing the games with the best odds.

There can be a huge discrepancy between one game over the other. For instance, slot machines and keno are huge money burners. The jackpots and huge payouts are attractive, but casinos have a large house edge on slots.

Slot machines and keno are fine for fun occasionally. However, just go into it with the mindset that you will lose your money. The house has an edge of around 10%, which makes it impossible to be a long-term winner without a jackpot and quitting.

Not all machines are bad, though. Video Poker is a good bet with the right gambling strategies. We also recommend blackjack and baccarat for games with a small house edge.

If you use basic blackjack strategy, the house edge can get under 1%. Baccarat is a completely random bet, but the house edge isn’t that bad at 1.06%.

Basic strategy is perfect for newbie gamblers. There are cheat cards that you can find online that outline what move you should make for every blackjack hand.

2. Avoid Bad Games and Side Bets

What is meant by avoiding bad games? Once you learn about the casino games with the best odds, it doesn’t end there. There are different variations of games with different odds.

Casinos encourage playing the worst odds. Don’t get trapped.

For instance, there are different versions of blackjack that pay 6:5, 3:2, or even money for a blackjack. Run away from even money blackjack and walk away from 6:5 blackjack.

There are blackjack machines that pay even money for a blackjack. They are less common than the traditional 6:5 and 3:2 tables, but even money blackjack is out there.

The other big mistake is playing triple-zero roulette. Traditional double-zero roulette isn’t a good bet, to begin with at a 5.26% house edge. Triple-zero has a house edge of 7.69%. Yikes. The good news is that most online casinos have single-zero roulette, with a house edge of 2.6%.

Side bets, no matter the game, are a sucker bet.

There will be side bets on the screen for most online casino games, especially the live dealers. These bets should be avoided if you want the best odds.

3. Practice and Start With a Small Bankroll

Before you even bet a dollar, you can start practicing with free online games. A search online will yield free casino games that you can play with play credit.

App stores have several free casino games to play that don’t require a deposit.

This is great for video poker, where you can put your gambling strategy into movement. While most casino games are random events, the gambler has some control over video poker.

Record Your Results

This won’t happen in only one session, it may take weeks, but you’ll quickly find which games you prefer and finding the best results.

When you are ready for the big leagues, start with a small deposit to get your feet wet. You are still a beginner and shouldn’t go outside of your comfort zone ever.

4. Keep Your Expenses Separate

It’s important to separate your living expenses from your gambling budget. Setting up a bankroll should be implemented for gambling strategies.

I can’t tell you the perfect amount for your gambling bankroll. This will be different for everyone and their financial situation. Casino gambling should only be considered as part of an entertainment budget.

If your bankroll runs empty for gambling, don’t chase and bury yourself with bad bets. Take a long pause to evaluate your gambling and only return when you feel comfortable.

This gambling advice should also include not chasing your losses. Don’t double or triple down after a losing bet. Play within your bankroll.

5. Don’t Gamble Impaired or Upset

Getting drunk or high and gambling isn’t the best combination, especially for a beginner gambler. Your decision-making is severely degraded when intoxicated.

Don’t Drink?

This isn’t to say you can’t have a drink or two while you gamble. However, if you are somebody where one drink turns into six, then it’s best not to get involved. You are going to wake up with what I like to call the gambler’s hangover.

It’s worse than a normal hangover, because with a gambler’s hangover you may also have blown your bankroll in one night. That’s when you look for the deposit button to make it back and a disaster could unfold.

This also includes not playing when you are upset or mad. While you aren’t impaired, there is still a chance you don’t care about your bankroll in the moment and punt it away. This gambler is chasing money to feel better about their situation. It can make it worse.

The best gambling strategies must be implemented with a clear mind and no distractions. Avoid drinking too much and gambling without any direction.


New gamblers might be intimidated by the variety of gambling games and bets available. If you ignore the online casino games with bad odds and only specialize in the best odds games, it shouldn’t be as overwhelming.

While playing casino games doesn’t guarantee a profit, our online gambling strategies list can help give you an advantage with our online casino tips.

For the best online casinos, check out the link for more information.

Author: Tamara Kim