2022 NFC South Division Odds, Preview and Predictions

2022 NFC South Division Odds, Preview and Predictions

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady retired for 41 days but realized life at home watching the NFL on TV listening to Giselle chirping about Cashews probably wouldn’t be as fun as making a run at another Super Bowl ring and hanging with the boys on Sunday.

So he un-retired and surprised maybe seven people, and NFC South Division Odds show that Tampa Bay is the favorite not only in the division (-290 to win 2022 NFC South Division, BetOnline), but also in the NFC, where the Bucs are -375 chalks to win it.

With the 2022 NFL Regular Season getting underway in three weeks on Thursday, September 8, now is the best time to handicap NFC South Division Betting Odds and give a serious and critical thought to whether anyone in the NFC South can stop The Goat.

Ohhh, @camjordan94 is getting it started early! Yes, our Buccaneers are 1-5 against the Saints with Tom Brady, and the 1 is the one that really mattered. The NFC South runs through Tampa Bay. #GoBucs pic.twitter.com/v6d5bVbk3x

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Brady and the Bucs won the NFC South Division last 2021-22 NFL Regular Season, sporting a 13-4 record, but Tampa Bay was ousted in the NFL Divisional Playoffs round to eventual Super Bowl LVI champions LA (11/1 to win Super Bowl LVII) by a 20-27 score.

Please Note:

Even though WR Mike Evans the Buccaneers won the NFC South Division last season, it was just Tampa Bay’s first time doing so since 2007 and the Saints—with Drew Brees part of the time—captured the divisional title the preceding four seasons (2017-2020).

Can New Orleans (+335 to win the NFC West Division) shock the world in 2022? Probably not, even with some Offseason moves, this is a team that went 9-8 last season, had a weak 3-5 Record at Home in the Caesars Superdome and just a +29 PD.

The final 2021-22 NFC South standings saw the Saints at 9-8, with the dogs of the division, the Falcons ending 7-10 with the Panthers finishing at 5-12, so cumulatively these four NFL teams went a combined and equatorial 34-34.

Tossing the Bucs Record out, New Orleans (364 PF-335 PA), Atlanta (314 PF-359 PA), and Carolina (304 PF-404 PA) were a combined 21-30, so the NFC South is basically lucky the NFC East (32-36) and NFC North (30-37-1) exist to rival its own gridiron mediocrity.

This NFC South Division:

As well as the aging Buccaneers need TB12 back to be relevant and also needs New Orleans—winners of four of the last five Division titles here—to improve some and play better at Home to have a shot at the 2022-23 NFL Postseason.

The top NFL betting sites have their updated NFC South Division Betting odds out, so let’s take a quick Digital Age look at the numbers, courtesy of BetOnline.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -290

In the Offseason, the Buccaneers obtained future Hall of Fame WR Julio Jones (Falcons) but with TE Rob Gronkowski retired and Brady getting older and on a 10-day absence as he deals with a family matter, it seems like this team could get off to a sluggish start.

The NFC South Division odds have the Bucs as prohibitive Favorites to win the division, but not so fast. True, no one in the NFC South has as many talented players as the Swashbucklers, but taking a look at the first six games on the slate is a bit frightening. QB Brady, WR Evans, RB Leonard Fournette, and the Bucs will open up play in Week 1 at America’s Team and Jerry World, facing QB Dak Prescott, RB Ezekiel Elliott and a schizophrenic Cowboys team on Sunday, September 11 on SNF (NBC, 8:20 ET/5:20 PT).

The Cowpoke had the best TO Margin in the NFL but still never seems to get the job done when it matters most, but can definitely beat the Bradyettes in this spot and BoL currently has the Bucs as 1½ Point Favorites for the game with the Total (Over/Under) sitting at 51.

Week 2 sees Tampa Bay playing the Saints in the Big Easy and New Orleans has gone an impressive 5-1 against the Buccaneers since Brady left the Patriots and started playing in the Sunshine state, so if NO can pull off the upset here, we will have a Divisional race. A battle of NFL QB legends will transpire in Week 3 when Tampa Bay plays its Home opener on Sunday, September 25 with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers heading south in a game that will be a tough early season Loss for one good team (FOX, 4:25 ET/1:25 PT).

NFC South Division Odds will change drastically if the two of the Cowboys, Packers, or Saints can knock off Tampa Bay, and those odds reveal that Tampa Bay and Green Bay are two of the three teams oddsmakers think have the best chance of winning the NFC.

In Week 4:

It’s Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in Tampa Bay for SNF (NBC, 8:20 ET/5:20 PT) and yet another tough early season contest for the Bucs. Week 5 is a break with the Falcons, but Week 6 sees TB facing the Steelers in The Steel City, so the schedule’s tough.

The Buccaneers went 7-1 at Home last season and an impressive 6-3 on the Road and had a nice +147 PD, but don’t expect the 2021-22 NFL Regular season to be as easy for this team although it only seems there is one team in the NFC South that can beat them.

#RaiseTheFlags pic.twitter.com/ByBGZILZzZ

— Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@Buccaneers) August 14, 2022

New Orleans Saints +335

QB Jameis Winston, RB Alvin Kamara and the Saints went an impressive 6-3 on the Road last season and were the only team that beat the Buccaneers in Tampa (NO 9 TB 0). They have gone 5-1 against the Bucs since Brady joined the team, so the Who Dats know.

Unlike Tampa Bay’s schedule, New Orleans has it a bit easier in its first six games, facing NFC South opponents the first three games (ATL, TB, CAR) before facing the Vikings, Seahawks, and defending AFC champion Bengals in week 3-6. So a good start is possible. But both the Offense and Defense will have to be a little bit better than they were last season and like many teams in the NFL, WR Michael Thomas and NO will have to play much better at Home after going 3-5 last year at the Caesars Superdome (Turf Nation).

New Orleans (40/1 to win Super Bowl LVII) was impressive on the Road last season (6-3), won its last two games and ended with a positive Point Differential (PD) at +29, but with two games again the Birds (Falcons) and Cats (Panthers), maybe they can surprise us all.

⚜️@tayynation1 | @CallawayMarquez pic.twitter.com/nDkJqqEiFC

— New Orleans Saints (@Saints) August 14, 2022

Carolina Panthers +1400

Christian McCaffrey and the Panthers (125/1 to win Super Bowl LVII) were 5-5 at one point last season, but lost their last 7 games to finish 5-12 and make it hard for both fans and sports bettors to get behind this enigmatic Carolina (60/1 to win NFC) team.

Carolina (11/1 to win NFC South Division ) was 2-6 and 3-6 on the Road and had a -100 PD, but the franchise was smart enough to grab QB Baker Mayfield (Browns) to challenge Sam Darnold (USC), so we can probably expect to see the former Oklahoma QB starting. The Defense will have to be like the days of old, but expecting this team to finish better than .500 is a stretch and Brady’s return made it that much harder for this Carolina team to think about making the Postseason in this Buccaneers-owned NFC division.

Any Futures market bets on this team should probably be done in the season Win Total market, as all six NFC South Division games—Home and away—will be hard for the Panthers to win with their divisional opponent’s knowing this is a team that’s now down.

He does it all 2️⃣2️⃣@CMC_22 pic.twitter.com/gwGU5psCma

— Carolina Panthers (@Panthers) August 16, 2022

Atlanta Falcons +2200

Dirty Bird icons Matt Ryan (Colts) and Julio Jones (Buccaneers) are gone, so the Falcons (2-6 Home in 2021) will look to Marcus Mariota (Oregon), but don’t expect any miracles this coming season and the schedule is absolutely brutal.

So how bad is it really?

Week 1 sees the Saints, Week 2 Atlanta faces the Super Bowl champion Rams, Week 3 it’s Carolina, Week 4 it’s Cleveland, Week 5 is Tampa Bay, Week 6 San Francisco with Week 7 a game with the defending AFC champion Bengals, so an 0-7 start is a possibility.

Last season the Falcons were a disappointing 2-6 at Home, so Atlanta is basically lucky to play in the same division as Carolina and any NFC South Division predictions that have Atlanta or Carolina finishing above .500 are a joke. The two were 12-22 combined in 2021.

The 2 best WR’s the NFC south has ever seen are now playing together… 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 pic.twitter.com/CeMznKuFIc

— 🏴‍☠️ty🏴‍☠️ (@yayareasfinestX) July 26, 2022

NFC South Division Prediction

It looks to shape up to be a two-team race here with the big question being can the Saints beat the Buccaneers and win the NFC South Division and the answer is a resounding yes looking at the Schedules. Looking at the two team’s Rosters, that answer may be no.

Online oddsmakers have priced New Orleans at +335 in the NFC South Division betting odds, and should Brady get hurt or this absence be more than it appears to be, maybe New Orleans can steal this division, but if so, it might be by just one scant game.

A 10-7 Buccaneers season means that New Orleans would probably have to go 11-6 to win here, meaning a 5-1 mark against divisional opponents although they have proved they can beat, and aren’t scared of Brady and the Bucs.

What can Pewter do for you?

These current NFC South Division Odds seem a little bit off to me with Carolina and Atlanta more like 15/1 teams and New Orleans maybe better priced around +250 as opposed to the +335 we see, so this will be interesting if TB struggles out of the gate.

Please Note:

BetOnline offers a unique NFC South Division Betting Odds Prop, “Will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win the NFC South Division” (Yes -290, No +190), so if you like NO to upset TB, best play them as the Division Winner in that market with a 45-cent odds difference.

This division may come down to how good the Saints can be, and if mediocre again, then we will have a boring race in a boring division and watch other teams more entertaining who will still have something to play for. The NFC South really needs the Saints to be good.

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Author: Tamara Kim