2022 F1 Season Betting Odds and Predictions

2022 F1 Season Betting Odds and Predictions

2022 F1 Season Betting Odds and Predictions

Formula 1 is well into the 2022 season and we’ve had an exciting campaign through Round 13 going into the summer break. TheSportsGeek is going over the latest F1 season betting odds and best F1 prediction for the rest of the year.

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Have there been any surprises? Much has gone according to plan, but some surprising details to note. Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes’ slow start might be the biggest.

The main question is if it’s possible anyone can catch Max Verstappen. Unlikely.

The 2021 season had a phenomenal, yet controversial finish at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. That season went down to the final lap, with Verstappen ultimately winning after race director Michael Masi made a decision that will be remembered for decades.

Masi allowed five lapped cars to clear Lewis Hamilton to go back on the lead lap, with Verstappen pulling right up to Hamilton on fresh tyres.

Mercedes planned the race out well and would have cruised to a win despite having older tyres than Verstappen. In 2022, there doesn’t look like there is going to be any controversy. The F1 season odds suggest that Verstappen will have to compete over the next few months.


Ferrari got off to a lightning-quick start this season. They were fast in testing before the season opened, so it wasn’t the biggest surprise. We had them circled as a potential surprise team, and they did through the first few weeks, but they’ve been unable to get out of their own way recently.

Since taking the Drivers’ Championship and Constructors lead in the early stages of the 2022 season, they’ve done everything to give it all back to Red Bull. While Verstappen and his team deserve to be ahead, Ferrari hasn’t provided Leclerc with the best opportunity to keep pace.

Let’s look at the latest 2022 F1 season odds and our updated 2022 F1 season prediction.

F1 Season Betting Odds

Charles Leclerc won the Bahrain Grand Prix to open the season and Ferrari made a big statement early. Following a Max Verstappen win at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Leclerc responded with two wins in three races in Australia.

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Leclerc and Ferrari had a fast car on the track, but Red Bull countered and recovered nicely. Verstappen won the Emilia Romagna GP, Miami GP, Spanish GP for three straight wins.

The loss at the Monaco GP buried Leclerc on his home track. He was the fastest in qualifying and had a great car, but his team made a poor decision to pit when his teammate was still being serviced.

It’s gaffes from his team and mechanical problems holding Ferrari back.

Lewis Hamilton was the 2022 F1 season odds favorite going into the season. After getting robbed of a championship, there was a consensus that Mercedes would return with a vengeance. While they’re improving and getting closer, Hamilton doesn’t have a win this season.

2022 F1 Season Odds Courtesy Of Bovada:


Max Verstappen
Red Bull

Charles Leclrec

George Russell

Lewis Hamilton

Carlos Sainz Jr.

Sergio Perez
Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo

Fernando Alonso

Lando Norris

Esteban Ocon

Kevin Magnussen

Pierre Gasly

Sebastian Vettel
Aston Martin

Valtteri Bottas
Alfa Romeo

World Drivers’ Championship Prediction

Charles Leclerc (+750)

This is our updated Drivers’ Championship prediction for 2022. We made an in-season pick earlier in the year, selecting Red Bull for the Constructors and Max Verstappen to win the Drivers’ Championship.

We made the bet when Charles Leclerc had the lead in the standings, but it was clear momentum was shifting to Red Bull.

What has changed since then? Well, everything is going as expected for Verstappen. Ferrari did their best to sabotage Leclerc’s season, which wasn’t all that unpredictable.

Tough one today. Not the race we wanted before the holidays but it’s now time to recharge the batteries and come back stronger in a month. pic.twitter.com/zVCncdP3e7

— Charles Leclerc (@Charles_Leclerc) July 31, 2022


Monaco was a must-win race for Leclerc. He’s wanted this race in front of the home crowd, but was never able to fulfill the requirements. Leclerc had the best car going into the 2022 Monaco GP and only has P4 to show for it.

That was the moment you knew that this season was going downhill for Ferrari. If it isn’t a mental error like at Monaco, it’s mechanical problems preventing Leclerc from finishing events.

Leclerc has three DNFs this season. He had a big chance at the French GP, but had to drop out of that race, giving Verstappen an easy win by more than 10 seconds.

Ferrari took a bit of a gamble and improved their machine for speed and performance. However, this can oftentimes reduce reliability on the track.

It was a gamble well worth taking, and I’d say it’s worked out given Leclerc has won races and is involved in the Drivers’ Championship in 2022. That said, Ferrari has work to do in the offseason because this season looks like all Verstappen now.

Max Verstappen (-1200)

This is the updated F1 season odds for Verstappen after winning Round 13 at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Despite finishing back on the grid because of an engine change after issues in qualifying, he picked through his foes and won the race by over 7 seconds.

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Verstappen’s car hasn’t been perfect mechanically this season, but much more consistent than Leclerc.

When it’s firing on all cylinders, Ferrari doesn’t have much of an answer for Red Bull. After the slow start and giving Leclerc a headstart, Verstappen is off and running.


Verstappen has control of the Drivers’ Championship standings going into Round 14. He has eight wins and ten podiums for 258 points. Leclerc is trialing with three wins and eight podiums for 178 points.

Unless something really goes awry for Red Bull, Verstappen and Red Bull have a huge advantage over their rivals. Mercedes is going to be interesting next year, but they’re coming on too late and don’t have enough to compete in 2022.

Verstappen’s F1 season betting odds at -1200 just about provide no value, but the true odds to win the Drivers’ Championship are probably closer to -2500. I backed Verstappen to win at -160 earlier in the season after my pre-season prediction missed. I’m confident with Red Bull handling their business and finishing strong.

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Author: Tamara Kim