What Is the Field Bet in Craps and Is It Really Safe to Bet On?

What Is the Field Bet in Craps and Is It Really Safe to Bet On?

Craps Field Bet Strategy

The craps field bet can be intimidating for new players. Let’s get acquainted with the field bet, discovering field bet strategies you can use at some of the top online casinos.  

What Is a Field Bet in Craps?

A field bet is a wager that the shooter (person or machine rolling the dice) will roll a 2,3,4,9,10,11 or 12. Any of these numbers payout on a field bet with each payout depending on the likelihood of the number being rolled. 

Craps Field Bet Payout Chart

Number Rolled 
Chance of Being Rolled 
Payout Based on Your Wager 




5,6,7 or 8
Lose your Bet 





All Winning Numbers 
1:1 or 2:1

So you can see pretty quickly, the field bet has less than a 50% chance of paying out, but it does offer double your money on two and twelve.

Another way to put this is in total combinations of dice, the craps field bet pays out on sixteen of the thirty six possible dice combinations rolled on any given turn.


Is the Field Bet in Craps a Good Bet?

Many online craps players will tell you that the Field bet is a suckers bet because of something called House Edge. Craps bets with the lowest house edge include the come bet and odds bets.  The house edge is a gambler’s way of determining the casino’s advantage of winning their wager. If the odds are tilted toward the casino, they have a house edge. 

House Edge In Craps Bets

Craps Bet 
House Edge 

Field bet Craps 

Don’t Pass Odds 4/10

Pass Line Bet 

Place Bet 4 or 10

While this is just a sampling of the many bets in craps, you can see that craps field bets offer a lower house edge than the majority of common craps bets. The 4/10 place bet pays out 2:1, so even bets with similar house edge have better payouts. 
Don’t give up hope on the field bet, because if you know how to use it, it can work to your advantage! 

Casinos with 3:1 Craps Field Bet Odds

At some casinos, the 2 and 12 rolls and sometimes other rolls are offered odds boosts for promotional purposes. This can reduce the house edge to 2.78% even without the awesome craps field bet strategy we are about to show you. 

Field Bet Craps Strategy 

The Craps field bet is best used in something called the Iron Cross. This strategy couples a field bet with place bets on the losing numbers. Place Bets are bets that a single number will come up before the shooter craps out. The Iron cross is a craps field bet strategy that reduces the losing numbers to seven. 

Iron Cross Odds Table

Iron Cross Winning Numbers 

Place Bet 5

Place Bet 6

Place bet 8

Field Bet 3,4,5,9,10

Field Bet 2, 12

Now your probability of losing is only 16.67% and the house edge is reduced to 2.37%.

Coupled with the 3:1 odds boost, this is often a better house edge than a place bet.

We go into a deeper explanation of the Iron Cross and other craps strategies here. 

Betting In Craps Online

The field bet in craps is an underrated tool. It can keep you in the game longer with the iron cross strategy and its 2:1 payout on 2 and 12 is a great way to break up the monotony of place betting every come out. Is the field bet safe to bet on? Yes, like any bet in the casino, it’s fair and if you know what you’re doing and your managing your bankroll well, you can win. 
The field bet’s lack of utility is just one misconception among many about playing online craps. 
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Author: Tamara Kim