What is a Come bet and Don’t Come Bet in Craps?

What is a Come bet and Don't Come Bet in Craps?

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 If you’re learning how to play craps online, you should start with basic bets like the come and don’t come bet. The come bet in craps is one of the simplest bets to make, and often the first bet you’ll make while playing free online craps. 

What is the Come Bet in Craps

The come bet is a wager made that the point number will be rolled again. After the first roll, or come out, players may make a come bet, betting that the same number will be rolled again. For example: The come out is rolled, and the point is a six. You make a come bet. Now, if a six is rolled again before a seven, your craps come bet pays out. The opening roll has a 66% chance of being a point number, rather than a 7,11, or losing number. 

Can you bet on the Come Out in Craps?

Yes. A come bet also covers the come out roll. If the first roll is a seven or eleven, the come bet pays you as well. This roll has a 22% chance of happening during the come out roll, and a 1.43% house advantage. 

When does the Come Bet Lose?

Come bets lose on two occasions. First, if the come out roll (opening roll) is a 2,3, or 12. Your Come bet loses right away if this happens. Then, once a point is established, the come bet loses on a seven. There is a 1 in 6 chance of rolling a seven after the point is established. 

What is a Don’t Come Bet in Craps

A don’t come bet in craps is the opposite position of the Come Bet.

Don’t bet’s win on 1,2,3 and 12 for an come out roll, and lose if the point is rolled before a seven.

From an odds perspective, the Don’t Come bet in craps has worse odds at first, but improves after the come out is rolled. Don’t come bets win when shooters crap out, meaning they roll a seven before they roll the point number. 

Come Bet Strategy for Craps 

Come bet’s are a simple way to play craps without learning the rest of the rules. There are few other craps strategies for slightly more advanced players, but placing a few come bets and getting a feel for online play is a great way to learn craps.  
More advanced players will use the come bet to set up their odds bets, essentially acting as a multiplier of their initial come bet. 

Don’t Come Bet Strategies for Craps

The Don’t come bet has strong odds, so using something like a Martingale strategy, or doubling your bet each time you lose, can be fantastic given the high rate of return.

Don’t come bets have a house edge of 1.36%, lower than almost any other wager except a pass line odds bet. 

You can place an odds wager on your don’t come bet the same as a come bet. Casinos advertise the multiple of your original bet you can place. This is what online casinos mean when they say 2x or 3x odds. 
Don’t come bets are part of more advanced strategies like Field box betting, but to start, just work on understanding the don’t come bet and odds betting on your original bet. 

Author: Tamara Kim