The Best Anime Slots Games You Should Play Today

The Best Anime Slots Games You Should Play Today

Anime slots games are actually quite rare. They’re just not as ubiquitous as one might expect, what with anime shows being a part of pop culture for many a decade now. A quick search online will lead you towards many weird, off-brand anime slots games, none of which have any kind of allure — a by-product of them not being based on any well-known intellectual property.

Be that as it may, there are still a few stellar options out there, and even though they’re not necessarily all that varied or versatile, they are worthy of your time and attention! We’ve tried our hardest to conjure up a Top 5 that’ll do justice to this subject matter and give anime aficionados one heck of a good time!

And, better yet, they can all be experienced from the comfort of your home!

So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Shinobi Wars | Anime Slots Games

Naruto is undoubtedly one of the most popular — and most beloved — animes to have ever come out of Japan. It was so popular during its peak that it sort of transcended the medium itself and became a part of the mainstream.


Any self-respecting anime connoisseur knows — and probably loves — Naruto. The show itself has left an indelible mark on both pop culture and the millions upon millions of people who’ve watched Naruto Uzumaki and his ragtag group of friends.

And so if you happen to be a fan of this spectacular anime (like so many of us are), then make sure to give Shinobi Wars a try!

It has twenty-five fixed paylines, an RTP of a whopping 96.5%, along with numerous multipliers, free spins, and the like!

Seirei Academy | Anime Slots Games

Bleach was never as big as Naruto here in the Western world, but don’t let that fool you: it is every bit as awe-inspiring!

And, well, much of the same can be said for this particular slot game as well! Its RTP is almost as good as that of Shinobi Wars: 96.12%! Bonus rounds, free spins, and even a 200x multiplier for the luckiest among us — what’s not to like?

Saiyan Warriors | Anime Slots Games

If there’s one anime out there that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Naruto, it’s Dragon Ball. Akira Toriyama’s masterpiece is unlike anything that came before it or has come since.

The set-up for Saiyan Warriors is pretty much exactly the same as with Seirei Academy and Shinobi Wars so we’ll spare you the prosaic preliminaries.

Here’s the nitty-gritty: it’s a five-reel slot with ten paylines and it boasts a very impressive RTP of 96%! This, along with numerous free spins and multipliers makes it one of the best anime slots games out there!

Ghost in the Shell | Anime Slots Games

Ghost in the Shell is downright legendary. It is arguably the most influential anime of them all and has been inspiring Western auteurs and filmmakers for decades. We’re talking about James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, the Wachowskis, Hideo Kojima, and so on and so forth.

It’s a one-of-a-kind franchise and if you’re partial to cyberpunk and all that it entails, make sure to give this particular slot game a shot!

Neon Genesis Evangelion | Anime Slots Games

Finally, to close out our Top 5, we have a most interesting slot game based on Neon Genesis Evangelion — yet another spectacular anime that has stood the test of time! It has forty paylines and five reels long with all the many bells and whistles you’ve probably become accustomed to.


Fans of the original show (and manga) will appreciate the high-quality artwork and numerous different sound effects and musical cues that this particular slot game brings to the table, all of which do a stellar job at evoking some of Evangelion’s most memorable moments — the ones which fans so ardently cherish!

It might not be the best anime slots game that top online casinos have to offer, but it’s nonetheless quite stellar and is definitely worth taking a look at!

Author: Tamara Kim