LFA 133 Odds and Predictions

LFA 133 Odds and Predictions

LFA 133 Fri Jun 3

LFA 133 airs on June, 3rd, 2022. We’ve organized the stats for all eleven professional bouts with odds form Bovada.lv, a top MMA betting site. You can scroll for MMA breakdowns and advice on the safest and most lucrative bets, or check out our picks for each bout on the card. LFA 133 Stack vs Delano has multiple pro debuts and a few one sided bouts to pad a parlay ticket. 

Main Card LFA 133 Predictions 

Jose Delano -135
Haris Talundzic -350
Michael Bennet -450
Ryan Charlebois -450
Riley Wiseman +105


LFA 133 Main Event Odds and Prediction for Michael Stack vs Jose Delano 

The main event is for the vacant LFA 145 pound champion belt. Stack wrestled at Colorado State and has gone on a three fight winning streak for LFA since losing to former champ turned UFC prospect, Kai Kamaka III. 
Delano is a Brazilian champion on a nine fight winning streak that includes a win over DWCS winner Jonas Bilharinho. 
This bout takes place at 6:00 PM ET, so place your bets accordingly!

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Odds History for Stack vs Delano

Delano had his first odds on record as a +260 underdog to Bilharinho in his last bout, winning via an upset unanimous decision. Stack has four LFA odds on record, rangin form -130 in his loss to Kamaka, up to -1099 over Jackson Filho last October. 

LFA 133 Betting Odds for Stack vs Delano 

Fighter Money Line 

Michael Stack

Jose Delano

For the first time in his career, Stack is the underdog. Delano has proved he can dethrone athletic knockout artists, and now he’ll square up with the most accomplished wrestler he’s faced. 

MMA Breakdown for Stack vs Delano

This bout comes down to experience and style.

Stack’s one loss was a decision to the well conditioned Kai Kamaka.

The majority of his other opponents haven’t managed to build up enough conditioning to work against the takedown onslaught of Stack. 

Tale of the Tape for Stack vs Delano

Michael Stack 
Jose Delano 


Submissions/TKO finishes 

Training Camp
Trials MMA and Fitness
Brazil Top Team 

Delano was the protege of Murilo Bustamante. His knockout power and submission work are perfect for MMA. Many BJJ practitioners attempt to adapt their submission game to MMA, but Delano built his from the ground up to suit combating wrestler’s like stack. Our LFA 133 pick is Jose Delano. Denano’s LFA 133 Odds payout at $74.07 per $100 wager. 

LFA 133 Co-Main Event Odds and Prediction for Haris Talundzic vs Bahatebole Batebolati 

Talundzic is on a twelve fight winning streak that includes five finishes over his last seven fights. This is only his fifth fight as a professional, and he’s fighting for the 170 pound LFA title. Batebolati is an undefeated chinese pro, facing what is clearly the toughest challenge of his short career. 

Betting Odds for Talundzic vs Batebolati

Talundzic has a four-fight history in the LFA as a favorite from -275 to -800. Batebolati’s fights have all been in China, and none have offered international odds. 

LFA 133 Betting Odds for Talundzic vs Batebolati

Fighter Money Line 



Bateolati’s level of competition puts him as the underdog. Talundzic has bested talented fighters before. He even beat DCS standout Ryan Lenniger in 2018. 

MMA Breakdown for Talundzic vs Batebolati

This is one of the more one sided bouts on the card.

I see Talundzic walking through Batbolati in nearly every category. Fight tape shows Talundzic’s talent as a ground fighter, while Batebolati has enjoyed beating up fighters with minimal training. 
Bet the Talundzic money line for a $28.57 return per $100 wager. 

LFA 133 Odds and Prediction for Benjamin Bennett vs Trey Waters

Both fighters are undefeated as professionals. Bennett had an extensive record and winning streak as an amatuer and has finished all three opponents as a pro. He nearly fought Khamzat Chimaev in 2018 but the bout was canceled. 
Trey is on a five fight winning streak with three submission stoppages. Four of his five pro opponents sported losing records. 

Odds History for Bennett vs Waters

Bennet is the only fighter with an odds history, defeating Elmar Umarov at +100 in his last showing. 

LFA 133 Betting Odds for Bennett vs Waters

Fighter Money Line 

Benjamin Bennett 

Trey Waters 

Bennett is a strong favorite, and has serious promise as a high level fighter. Waters is still developing, but poses a strong threat due to his height and quickly developing BJJ game. 

MMA Breakdown for Bennet vs Waters at LFA 133

I had to see Waters’ height to believe it. Welterweights at 6’5’’ is a pretty wild claim. He doesn’t look that tall, and I don’t know if it’s just a way of psyching out the opponent, but I’d say he’s between 6’2 and 6’4. It’s not uncommon for fighters to lie about height to throw off opponents. 

In 4 Days, top undefeated prospect #BenjaminBennett returns to the @LFAfighting Octagon at #LFA133! 💥

Friday, June 3@UofDenver#Denver, #Colorado

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Tale of the Tape for Bennett vs Waters

Benjamin Bennett
Trey Waters


Submissions/TKO finishes 

Training Camp
Elevation MMA 
Elevate MMA 


Elevate is home to Preston Parsons, a new UFC fighter gone 1-1. Waters is his main training and sparring partner. Bennett trains at Elevation MMA with Nate Marquart and other high level pros. They’ve been building Bennett up from wrestler to fighter over the last eight years. 

LFA 133 Prediction for Bennet vs Waters

Waters struggled in his bout with Sean Housing last May. He doesn’t seem to have much grappling to speak of and his kickboxing is limited to relying on his reach. I think he’ll lose in the clinch against Bennet, and eat far too many overhands in the early rounds. Our LFA 133 Predictions is Michael Bennet, paying out at $22.22 per $100 wager. 

LFA 133 Odds and Prediction for Ryan Charlebois vs Jermiah Curtright 

Charlebois is another undefeated fighter, including a 6-0 amatuer record ranging back to 2015. He’s finished two of his pro opponent’s. He was a -400 in his last LFA win. Cutright is 4-3, coming off a loss to Sarek Shields.  

LFA 133 Betting Odds for  Charlebois vs Cutright

Fighter Money Line 

Ryan Charlebois

Jeremiah Curtright 

The LFA 133 odds show another one sided bout, and this one is easy to agree with. Charlebois has smashed the competition that’s come his way, while Curtright can’t seem to find his stride. Curtright does have four wins via knockout, back to back in between his last two losses, but it doesn’t look like enough to close the game on Ryan, who’s grappling strength is an equalizer for Curtright’s improving stand up. 
Our LFA 133 prediction pays out at $22.22 per $100 wagered. . 

LFA 133 Odds and Prediction for Jacobi Jones vs Riley Wiseman

Jones lost his last showing to the 4-3 Wourms via armbar. Wiseman is an undefeated Shoreline MMA fighter with four submission wins, however none of them are over quality opponents. 

LFA 133 Betting Odds for Jones vs Wiseman

Fighter Money Line 

Jacobi Jones 

Riley Wiseman

Jones has the experience advantage, and has faced better competition overall. For that, he’s taken the favorite position. You can’t really see the story of this fight until you’ve looked at fight tape for both athletes. 

Jones vs Wourms

Jones’ fight from February 2022 displayed tentative striking followed by an early knockdown. He ended up with the takedown on multiple occasions, but Wourm was able to sink a counter kimura to armbar finish. It was a rookie mistake from the stronger Jones. 

Wiseman vs Durano, Wood. 

Wiseman looks more willing to strike than Wourms, and dismantled an unprepared opponent in under a minute. His bout with Wood as an amatuer was slightly more competitive. Wiseman is lanky, something Jones had trouble with in Wourms, but I don’t see Wiseman winning the wrestling portions of those bouts. 

LFA 133 Predictions

Jacobi’s striking just isn’t dangerous yet. I see Wiseman winning on the feet and forcing the shot, similar to the bout with Wourms. Our LFA 133 betting pick is Wiseman for a $105 payout per $100 wagerd. 

LFA 133 Odds and Prediction for Ben Tynan vs Trevor Wallace 

Tynan is another Elevation fighter and undefeated amatuer champion. His eight amatuer bouts were all via finish, including beating 10-0 Shane Mapatis, the Tuff-N-Uff champion. Wallace is a scrappy striker from Alabama that’s going to swing for the fences from the word go.  

LFA 133 Betting Odds for Tynan vs Wallace 

Fighter Money Line 

Ben Tynan

Trevor Wallace 

Tynan is a scrappy young heavy weight but still unproven. Let’s learn our lesson from the bout with the Big Tuna. Young fighters can still be beaten with lucky shots, so don’t bet the house on Tynan. Still, he should take an easy win over Trevor via submission in the first. Bet Tynan money line for a $9.09 return per $100 wager. 

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Friday, June 3@UofDenver#Denver, #Colorado

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LFA 133 Odds and Prediction for Jota Ninomiya vs Ricky Field 

Jota is a Karate athlete on a four fight winning streak. He’s making his pro debut against Field, a 4-4 amatuer with multiple submission losses. Both fighters will be looking for the standing finish. 

LFA 133 Betting Odds for Ninomiya vs Field 

Fighter Money Line 

Jota Ninomiya 

Ricky Field 

Jota doesn’t seem to have much MMA experience, but it shouldn’t matter against Field. Our LFA 133 prediction is Jota Ninomiya, a $15.38 payout per $100 wager. 

LFA 133 Odds and Prediction for Llorrvic Acevedo vs Aasin Liberato 

Acevedo recently moved to FactoryX Muay Thai. he lost to the undefeated Josiah Reyes in his last bout, but he’s shown up as a fantastic submission fighter, finishing six of his nine opponents to date. 
Liberato is the favorite, and has three finishes and only one knockout loss. Liberato’s opponent quality is lower overall, but his only loss is to the 6-0 An Ho. 

LFA 133 Betting Odds for  Acevedo vs Liberato 

Fighter Money Line 

Aasin Liberato 

Llorrvic Acevedo 

On paper, there are no significant differences in these two fighters. We examined the fight tape to get a better idea of how this bout will go. 

Liberato vs Ledsma

Liberato shows good distance management and aggressive striking in the clinch. He’s able to avoid significant damage and takedown, while consistently landing for three full rounds.

I’m surprised to see the quality of his boxing accuracy. 

Culson vs Acevedo

This wild bout from 2018 shows Acevado to be a dangerous and aggressive striker. He’s tall for a flyweight, and Liberato’s backing up style will struggle. However, his chin is high and it costs him. He lost to Cullison via knockout. 
I see Acevedo winning a close fight. His time at Factory X Muay Thai should clear up some of the holes in his striking defense, and he’ll be able to take full advantage of his reach. Our LFA 133 pick pays out $110 per $100 wagered. 

LFA 133 Odds and Prediction for  Frankie Sanchez vs Joe Safford 

Safford has one 2019 knockout but no other experience. He’s facing undefeated boxer Frankie Sanchez. Sanchez is an accomplished high school wrestler and all around athlete. This should be a great welcoming party to MMA for him. 

LFA 133 Betting Odds for Sanchez vs Safford 

Fighter Money Line 

Frankie Sanchez 

Joe Safford 

Our LFA 133 prediction is Frankie Sanchez at $40 per $100 wagered. 

LFA 133 Odds and Prediction for Miguel Perez vs Mike Mazariego 

Perez is a 6-1 amatuer whose only loss is to Acevedo. He faces Mazariego, an inconsistent amatuer witha  2-5 record. Mike will swing for the knockout form the first bell, and either land it or die trying. The only question that should affect your LFA 133 pick; can Perez lose to that kind of aggression?

LFA 133 Betting Odds for Perez vs Mazariego

Fighter Money Line 

Miguel Perez 

Mike Mazariego

Perez is a strong favorite, so we examined fight tape to see how he deals with aggression. The LFA 133 odds are fairly lopsided on the majority of bouts, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of betting favorites across your ticket. 

Perez vs Dudo

In his last amatuer appearance, Perez fought a striker named Dudo and landed the takedown after thirty seconds of striking exchanges. Perez looked good while standing, maintaining a covered posture. He won the fight by decision, mixing striking and grappling seamlessly. 
Our LFA 133 prediction is Miguel Perez at $18.18 per $100 wagered. 

LFA 133 Odds and Prediction for Luis Gurule vs Anthony Valenzuela 

The last bout with odds available features another set of debuting professionals. Gurule is a factory X Fighter with a 2-0 amatuer record and two TKOs. Valenzuela was 4-2, losing twice via TKO in 2014 and 2015. 

LFA 133 Betting Odds for Gurule vs Valenzuela

Fighter Money Line 

Luis Gurule 

Anthony Valenzuela 

Gurule comes from a striking background. If Valenzuela can secure the submission, it’s his only hope of beating Gurule. 

Gurule Greco Background

Unfortunately for Valenzuela, we’ve discovered that Gurule was a Greco roman national champion competitor. He was one of the best clinch wrestlers in the nation, and now he’s a devastating kickboxer as well. 
Our LFA 133 prediction is Gurule for a $38.46 return per $100 wager! Bet on this Greco champ turned Muay Thai Phenom. 

LFA 133 Odds and Prediction for Devid Evenson vs Jeremiah Humphrey, Iaian McGhee vs Cody Jerabek

 No current odds are offered for these two fights, but our money is on Humphrey, as the more experienced light weight, and the larger Cody Jerabek in his first fight down from 205. 

Author: Tamara Kim