July – August 2020 Review +$13,830.00

July - August 2020 Review +$13,830.00

Year 11 has started with a nice profit. I didn’t bet much in July as we only had the NRL and AFL on. I am betting 1/10th what I used to on these sports as Australian bookmakers will not take a decent bet. But July 30th saw the return of the NBA (bubble) and with it my ability to bet, thanks to offshore bookmakers.

I think you can pick out where on the graph the NBA started, and as per usual for many many years now, the NBA model started with a massive profit.

In July and August, I placed 141 bets, won 65, lost 74, 1 was refunded and 1 was a half payout. I made $13,830.00 profit at 13.25% ROI.


What hasn’t already been said about the NBA totals model? It is currently the world’s best model available to punters. High turnover, high ROI, liquid market. What more can you want.

Since the restart, I have turned over $89,730.00 and made a profit of $14,870.00 at 16.6% ROI.

This should have been higher, but I got a bit cocky and bet a few games I shouldn’t have. These all lost off course and cost me over $6,000. Bookies were not pricing up games until the morning and I only ever bet the night before. But after the model just kept winning, I thought what’s the harm in betting these. $6,000 was the harm 🙂

I’ve also been using these bets to place some multis for the bets for beers promo I am running at Dailyprofit and we hit 2 out of 3 multis. The one we lost only lost 1 leg of the 4. So over 12 bets, we went 11 and 1. These multis paid $14.53 each and that added $2,906.00 to the kitty to bring the total bank to $5,469.40 after 22 bets. I have 4 more bets to place and all the winnings will be spent at Christmas on a party or something else if we can’t all meet in person.

If you want to place the exact same bets as me, you can join the Dailyprofit service.


The NRL did well over the past 2 months, I turned over $8,070.00 and made a profit of $710.00 at 8.8% ROI.

That brings the season total to $3,840.00 profit at 12.5% ROI.


The AFL model continues to struggle. It has been picking a lot of long odds and while we have been very close on some massive wins, we keep missing out.

I turned over $6,590.00 and lost $1,750.00 for a -26.6% ROI.

The brings the season total to -$970.00 loss at -9.7% ROI.

Next month

We welcome the NFL in September and this has been another profitable model to bet on for the last few years, so I’m looking forward to that starting. This is another sport I can bet off shore, so will be betting the same amount as last season.

Total Profit for July and August was $13,830.00

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Stats Year 8/9/10/11
Total bet amount: $4,566,350.00
Profit/Loss: $165,110.00
POT: 3.62%
Bets Placed: 3269
Won: 1682
Lost: 1552
Half Payout: 6
Refunded: 29
Winning %: 52.0%
Total profit per day: $493,690.00 / 3,714 = $132.92
Total Turnover: $34,814,570.00
Total ROI: 1.41%

Sport/TipsterWageredProfit/LossROIJuly – August P/L

AFL H2H$455,970.00-$3,740.00-0.80%-$1,750.00

AFL Line$452,680.00-$22,670.00-5.0%$0.00

NRL H2H$739,340.00-$10,410.00-1.4%$710.00

NRL Totals$79,240.00$1,780.002.2%$0.00

NBA Totals$1,773,010.00$147,280.008.3%$14,870.00

NBA H2H$208,240.00-$13,830.00-6.6%$0.00

MLB Totals$9,250.00-$1,870.00-20.2%$0.00

NFL Totals$587,090.00$50,480.008.6%$0.00

NFL Line$245,250.00$17,500.007.1%$0.00



Author: Tamara Kim