Don’t Miss Out on the Guaranteed Jackpots

Don’t Miss Out on the Guaranteed Jackpots

We gave you a heads-up last month that the most exciting trend to hit Online Slots in quite some time would be coming soon. Well, that day has arrived!

Hot Drops Jackpots is officially live and the winnings have already started. What makes this so exciting is that there are guaranteed jackpots with hourly and daily prizes.

That’s right! You can win money every hour throughout the day in addition to other exclusive Hot Drop Jackpots.

With Hot Drops, the name of the game is winning.

And, if you like winning money, then TheSportsGeek has you covered with all of the details about this “hot” craze that’s sweeping through the online slots gaming community.

How To Play and Win Hot Drop Jackpots

It’s really simple. All you have to do is play one of the growing list of slots games like Golden Buffalo or A Night With Cleo, and get three Hot Drop Jackpot symbols to show up anywhere on the reels.

If this happens, you will then trigger the Jackpot Wheel. Once triggered, just spin the Jackpot Wheel and see which Jackpot you are eligible for: Hourly, Daily or Super. Each Jackpot has a different amount of money that you could win.

On average, the Hourly jackpot has a $1,000 dollar prize. The Daily sits at an average of $25,000 and the Super must drop before hitting the max limit of $250,000 dollars.

Keep in mind:

These Jackpots are available all day, every day. And, they have to payout before their time limits are up. The closer we get to an expiring time limit, the higher the chances of winning. Once a jackpot has paid out, it will reset and the time limit will start all over again. All players will be notified when a jackpot has been won. Additionally, players will be able to track the remaining time for jackpots and when they reset.

It’s estimated that Hot Dop Jackpots will drop roughly $5 million dollars per month. So, make sure you get your piece of that sweet tasting money pie.

Where To Play Hot Drop Jackpots At?

Hot Drop Jackpots Wheel

The number of reputable sites hosting Hot Drop Jackpots is growing by the day.

However, with so many options, it can get confusing as to which online casino to play at. Fortunately, TheSportsGeek has solved this issue by becoming a vital hub for all things Hot Drop Jackpots.

In addition to providing the latest news and notes for this exciting, new progressive slots game, we will also provide you a list of online casinos to play Hot Drop Jackpots at.

As of now, we highly recommend the following online gambling sites:

We’ve chosen these sites for a number of reasons including: safety, security, juicy bonuses, and an excellent reputation.

If this is your first time playing a slot game like Hot Drops Jackpots then check out our best real money slots page to learn all about these online slots games.

Author: Tamara Kim