A Craps Strategy Guide for Online Casino Players

A Craps Strategy Guide for Online Casino Players

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Winning at online craps can seem elusive at first, but there are plenty of basic craps strategies that can rack up wins at online casinos.

Craps is a simple dice game with various betting strategies, some that are high risk, high reward and others that are always looking for the lowest risk bet possible.

Let’s break down a few of our top craps strategies for people just getting started at online casinos. We’ve placed these strategies in ascending order, from the one you should master first, the strategies often used by more journeyman online craps players.

Don’t get lost in the theory, and play a little online craps with each strategy to fully understand the game.

Strategy #1: Betting the Lowest House Advantage at All Times

This strategy is also known as a “pass line and come bet” strategy. The house has an advantage on almost every bet in the casino that can be measured in a percentage.

The Pass line and Odds bet or Come bet have the lowest two percentages of house advantage. Not just in craps, but in the whole online casino. The Pass Line bet has a house advantage of 1.41%. You’re betting before the shooter rolls the come out. This bet pays on a 7 or 11 roll, and fails on a 2,3, or 12.

After the first roll, if the come out is any other number, the pass line pays if that number is rolled again before rolling a 7 i.e. the shooter rolls a 6 on the first roll and another 6 on the second roll, the Pass line pays out.

The Odds Bet

Strategy #1 should be placing an odds bet after your pass line bet. If the pass line doesn’t pay out, wait for the come out to roll a 6 or 8.

These are the two most common numbers on the dice after seven. Now’s the time to use the odds bet. The odds bet is the only 1:1, 0% house advantage bet in the whole casino. The odds bet is placed on the table behind your passline. It generally cannot exceed a specific multiple of your initial pass line bet.

Now both the pass line and odds bet payout if the shooter rerolls the come out.

Pass Line Strategy Keys

Place the pass line bet first.
Place an odds bet on your pass line bet if the come out is a 6 or 8. Think of this like doubling (or tripling) down on your initial bet.
Place minimum pass line bets and small odds bets. Your goal is to keep playing, not to win big in a one off roll.
Stick with these two bets, and avoid thinking you can ‘read the dice.’ Craps is a game of luck and probability, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you know when numbers will come up.

Strategy #2: Field Bet Strategy

This qualifies as an actual strategy and is often called the Iron Cross. Basically, you’ll place multiple bets to set yourself up for a win on any number but seven.

Place a minimum bet on Place 5,6, and 8 then place a field bet.

The place bets stay until a seven is rolled, and the field bet stays until a shooter craps out.

This strategy offers you more frequent wins and losses. If you feel like craps is too slow, the field bet strategy should speed up your returns, but also cause you to lose big on a seven.
Contrary to popular belief, this collective strategy doesn’t put the odds in your favor. The house has a .44% advantage across multiple rolls. You often can’t clear the bets from the table unless they pay out on many online casinos, locking you into greater losses if you’re unable to clear your place bets.
The return on place bets is 3:2 on your 5 place bet, and 5:6 on your 6 and 8 place bets. Field bets offer 1:1 on 3,4,9,10, or 11 and 2:1 on 2 and 12. Your payout will differ depending on which die is rolled.
Field bet strategy is fun, but can be frustrating to lose on a seven. Betting the pass line is easier if you’re working with less overall cash.

Trying to learn the rules to craps is like trying memorize a complex mathematical equation pic.twitter.com/3gFsiDSGeb

— Kurt Sevits (@kurtsevits) July 27, 2021

Don’t overcomplicate it! You can’t predict numbers, despite many craps players believing they can.

It’s a simple game of betting on what number will come up on the dice.

There is no calculation, only an understanding of probability. Craps strategies are far more simple than black jack or online poker. So, maybe go try some out and see how they feel at some of our favorite sites.

Strategy #3: Martingale Strategy.

To Martingale means to double your bet after each losing bet. Start with a minimum bet, then double it after it’s lost.

If you have an infinite pool of money, this strategy makes sense from a probability and game theory perspective.

It works, but it’s scary. One of the main Martingale methods for online craps is to ‘Martingale one number’

Martingale One Number

To ‘Martingale one number’ means to bet over and over again on one of the main place bets. You’ll be hovering around a number that you think will pay out.

Martingaling one number requires the biggest bankroll, in that you will regularly lose, but you’re betting the payout will overcome your losses. With this place bet, you’re still doubling each lost bet.

For this craps strategy, start with a place bet on one number. 6 or 8 offers better odds of winning but smaller payouts; 4 or 10 gives you larger payouts but lower odds of winning. Then, continue to bet that number until you’ve won more than you came with, and walk away.

Martingale Place Bets

For this craps strategy, you’re running strategy #1 with an added Martingale component. You’re simply doubling your initial minimum bet, while adding the Martingale doubling strategy after every loss.

This has better overall odds than the Martingale one number approach, but as far as craps strategies goes, can be one of the scariest. It works with a bankroll of around $4,000 for most online craps tables.

Don’t use this craps strategy unless you’re planning on going big at one of our recommended safe online casinos.

Author: Tamara Kim