3 Reasons Why The Preakness Is Better Than The Kentucky Derby

3 Reasons Why The Preakness Is Better Than The Kentucky Derby

3 Reasons Why The Preakness Is Better Than The Kentucky Derby

The Triple Crown only got started with the Kentucky Derby. Many people might only care about the Kentucky Derby, but this is only one leg of the Triple Crown. TheSportsGeek has the best reasons, in our opinion, why the Preakness Stakes is better than the Kentucky Derby.

The most exciting aspect about this time of the year is there could be a Triple Crown winner, which is one of the most improbable accomplishments in sports. It takes three races to win the Triple Crown: the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.

Following a win in the Derby and Preakness Stakes, the Belmont Stakes is a must-watch event, even more so than the Derby. The horse that has a chance to win the Triple Crown in 2022 is Rich Strike. Rich Strike won as an 80-1 longshot in the second-biggest Kentucky Derby upset of all time.

The overhead view makes Rich Strike’s comeback for the upset @KentuckyDerby win look even more incredible. 😮 #KyDerby | @ChurchillDowns pic.twitter.com/iDfkGVZS0O

— NBC Sports (@NBCSports) May 8, 2022

How the win happened was the most improbable part of the Kentucky Derby. Rich Strike was well back at the 1-mile pole by 15 lengths. That didn’t deter Rich Strike, who found an opening and passed Zandon and Epicenter in the stretch for a ¾ length win.

The Preakness Stakes is the next assignment up for Rich Strike. What makes the Preakness Stakes better than the Kentucky Derby?

For some people, a horse race is a horse race, and there is no difference. For others, the Kentucky Derby is the only race that matters.

Nothing beats the anticipation and excitement on Derby Day at Churchill Downs, but I’m here to explain why the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico Race Course is better than the Kentucky Derby.

The Preakness Stakes Is Faster Than The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby stakes is more of a strategic race, while the Preakness Stakes is based on speed at Pimlico Race Course. The Derby is a 1 ¼ mile race, or a total of 10 furlongs on the dirt at Churchill Downs. Conversely, the Preakness is a 1 3/16 mile race, a half-furlong shorter.

That doesn’t sound like a lot, but a half of a furlong is a big difference in a horse race. If Rich Strike had used the same strategy in a 1 3/16 race in the Kentucky Derby, he would have been short. Money will come in on Rich Strike, but that’s my biggest concern.

#RichStrike looks to strike again for #Preakness147! pic.twitter.com/AV7AJeUW6a

— Preakness Stakes (@PreaknessStakes) May 10, 2022

Sonny Leon and Rich Strike timed that race perfectly to win by ¾ lengths. This could be tougher in a race that is predicated more on speed. Look back at the last big longshot winner with Mine That Bird in the Preakness Stakes.

Mine That Bird didn’t have the speed in the Preakness. After finding an opening on the rail in the stretch, he had a similar win in the Derby.

Preakness horses need speed in this fast race at Pimlico Race Course. If you prefer betting on a race where pure speed plays a bigger role, the Preakness Stakes is your race.

The Preakness Stakes Is Less of A Formal Party

If you don’t run with the wine and cheese crowd, then a Preakness Stakes party will be better for you. The Preakness Stakes is a party, and when I say a party, it has more of a spring break feel than a formal party like the Kentucky Derby.

Just around the corner! Who’s ready to be back? #InfieldFest pic.twitter.com/57t6f8oRBW

— InfieldFest (@infield_fest) May 3, 2022

Fashion and getting dressed up for the Kentucky Derby is embedded in Derby Day. It’s become more important than the actual race.
There is no pressure to get your outfit right at the Preakness Stakes.

The InfieldFest at Pimlico Race Course is the biggest party in horse racing. The infield at Pimlico for the Preakness includes bands and a lively experience. If you are lucky enough to get a ticket to the infield party, this is the best party experience to get wild at in racing.

Bags secured. Win big at #InfieldFest. Get your tickets to see @marshmello live before they sell out!

Tickets 👉 https://t.co/dH7L90nvHV pic.twitter.com/Z4mGOezur2

— InfieldFest (@infield_fest) May 4, 2022

It might not be Woodstock 1999 levels of insanity, but for a horse racing event, it’s on the extreme side with a touch of debauchery. This might be better or worse for you.

If you want a party on the crazier side and a little less tame than the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes will be for you.

Cheaper Than The Kentucky Derby

The cost to attend the Preakness Stakes is cheaper than the Kentucky Derby. If attending a Triple Crown race is on your bucket list, and the cost is a factor, consider going to Maryland for the Preakness Stakes.

This goes for pretty well everything you can think of regarding expenses. Need a hotel? That’s going to be cheaper in Baltimore. You need a ticket, and general admission tickets are cheaper than you are going to find at Churchill Downs.

Even the infield festival can be had a pretty reasonable price. There is a MUG Club ticket that you can purchase, usually around $120.00, which includes all-you-can-drink beer. This certainly lends itself to what I mentioned above and this being a party atmosphere.

I didn’t go into all of the expenses at the Preakness Stakes, but anything you can think of is going to be cheaper in Baltimore than at the Kentucky Derby in Louisville.

Prices for drinks and food will be cheaper at the Preakness Stakes overall, so even if you don’t want an all-you-can-drink package, you can buy drinks and food for a decent price at Pimlico Race Course.

If you are staying home for the Preakness Stakes, check out the best Preakness Stakes betting sites.

Author: Tamara Kim