2022 F1 Azerbaijan GP Odds and Race Predictions

2022 F1 Azerbaijan GP Odds and Race Predictions

2022 F1 Azerbaijan GP Odds and Race Predictions

The Formula 1 schedule lands in Azerbaijan for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on Sunday. This is already Round 8 of the 2022 F1 campaign.

Set those alarms for qualifying! ⏰

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— Formula 1 (@F1) June 10, 2022

It’s crazy to believe that we’ve already had eight races, but we’re already at Baku for the 2022 season. TheSportsGeek has the best Azerbaijan GP odds available online, and we’re looking for a winning driver.

There was drama in Mocano, or at least as much as you will find for a Monaco Grand Prix. Charles Leclerc had the best car and was the fastest throughout the weekend, but it doesn’t matter if mental mistakes are made on Sunday.

We will cover the Azerbaijan GP betting odds and get to our Azerbaijan GP predictions below. Check out our list of the best F1 betting sites if you want action on the race.

Ferrari Gaffe

Ferrari made a monumental error that might signal the beginning of the end for Leclerc with his team when we look back? That’s pure speculation, but the relationship can’t be strong at this minute.

Leclerc probably wasn’t in love with his team before he was erroneously called in for a pit stop, and this must have pushed him to his limits with Ferrari. Leclerc was likely winning if his team didn’t call him in for fresh tyres while they were still working on Carlos Sainz’s car.

Ferrari made a late call to keep Leclerc on the track, but it was already too late.

This is a big loss for Leclerc, who wants a home track win on his resume. He was born and raised in Monaco and had his best chance of winning the Monaco GP after a fast qualifying session. Usually, that’s enough for a win with limiting overtaking available at Monaco. Not when you’re Ferrari, I guess.

Only 1️⃣5️⃣ points separate our top 3 in the championship….

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Red Bull’s Sergio Perez ultimately won the race, while Leclerc settled for P4 because of the mishap. Carlos Sainz Jr. settled for P2, while Red Bull had two drivers on the podium, with Max Verstappen finishing P3.

Azerbaijan GP Betting Odds

The drama is likely to continue in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. This isn’t an event that tends to be a drama-free race. There is typically something that arises for a team or two.

Good Friday. Hopefully an even better Saturday 💪 pic.twitter.com/eqb77KDqdV

— Charles Leclerc (@Charles_Leclerc) June 10, 2022

God forbid that Leclerc’s team makes more errors during the race, but there was already an issue in the second practice session. We’ll get to it in more detail below, along with our Azerbaijan GP predictions.

Verstappen Bad Luck

Last year’s race was wild, with an unlikely podium of Sergio Perez, Sebastian Vettel, and Pierre Gasly. Verstappen retired with tyre failure after qualifying P3. He was dominating the race and had the tyre blowout to cost him a sure win.

Verstappen would have cleared, with Red Bull likely finishing P1-P2 to own the podium in Azerbaijan. The Red Bull pilot is the favorite on the Azerbaijan GP odds, followed closely by Leclerc for Ferrari.

Azerbaijan GP odds are courtesy of Bovada:


Max Verstappen
Red Bull

Charles Leclerc

Sergio Perez
Red Bull

Carlos Sainz Jr.

George Russell

Lewis Hamilton

Fernando Alonso

Lando Norris

Pierre Gasly

Valtteri Bottas
Alfa Romeo

Esteban Ocon

Yuki Tsunoda

Daniel Ricciardo

Kevin Magnussen

Azerbaijan GP Predictions

Charles Leclerc (+150)

Last week had to be the biggest headache of Charles Leclerc’s career. He qualified P1 and had a nice car to win the Monaco Grand Prix.

That was until his team called him in for new tyres erroneously, while they still had Carlos Sainz Jr. in the pit. It was only a few seconds, but that was enough for Leclerc to drop back to P4.

A team like Ferrari can’t be making those mistakes. This isn’t Haas or Alpine. The engineers built a competitive car this season, and the team doesn’t know what to do with it.

”What’s going on? There’s a problem with the engine, no?”

Leclerc appeared concerned during the practice session that there were engine issues. He also questioned if the loss of power was normal. Whether sarcasm with his team or not, Leclerc doesn’t seem happy with Ferrari.

Here’s how Friday finished in Baku 👀#AzerbaijanGP #F1 pic.twitter.com/tANn1lu90y

— Formula 1 (@F1) June 10, 2022

The biggest concern for Ferrari maybe isn’t even the engine. Leclerc may have been in the wrong mode, which would explain things, but they were unusually bumpy.

Azerbaijan is a bumpy track, naturally. Some bumps will be unavoidable on this surface, but Ferrari and Mercedes didn’t look as smooth as Red Bull. Ferrari appeared to get better as FP2 progressed, but bouncing for 51 laps is not going to hold up well with Red Bull.

Max Verstappen (+110)

I was not high on Max Verstappen last week. That’s a qualifiers race, so I liked Leclerc. Following qualifying, Leclerc was a heavy favorite to win the Monaco GP. I was feeling confident, but it’s hard to predict a pit error like that from Ferrari.

Red Bull Leading at Round 8

Verstappen leads the Drivers’ Championship standings with 125 points over Leclerc’s 116 points.

He has four wins to Leclerc’s two wins, and I think the Monaco loss will come back to hurt Ferrari badly. Sergio Perez is in the top-3 at 110 points to give Red Bull a 36-point lead in the Constructors.

Perez was the fastest in FP1, while Leclerc had the advantage in FP2. Running the fastest lap clearly isn’t meaning much for Ferrari, though. It’s when the race is on, and Verstappen and Perez are more fundamentally sound with their team.

Alpine had to be the most surprising in practice. They aren’t winning, but showed nice improvement. More impressive than Mercedes, that looked like Lewis Hamilton and George Russell were driving with bricks in their cars. They even look bumpier than Ferrari.

I’d fade Hamilton and Russell in most matchup bets. They aren’t going anywhere in this one. It’s another Ferrari and Red Bull race, with Verstappen and Perez likely too strong by the end of this race.

The F1 Azerbaijan GP odds for Verstappen look right for this race. He should be the Azerbaijan GP odds favorite. Anything at plus money looks like an acceptable bet to make on Verstappen to win at Baku.

Verstappen Azerbaijan GP Odds To Win

Author: Tamara Kim