10 year Vegas anniversary – Daily25 Betting Blog

10 year Vegas anniversary - Daily25 Betting Blog

2020 has been a shit of a year for most people. I felt I would try something a little fun so my mates and I had something to look forward to. I’m also going to share what I am doing so you can follow along and do the same with your mates.

We all turned 40 at the end of last year and a few of us had trips booked. These of course were all cancelled.

Grand Canyon – Yes I am wearing toe shoes

Last month was 8 years since we all headed to Vegas for a boys trip and it was a lot of fun. I thought why not start preparing now for a 10 year anniversary trip. Trust me when I say that my friends will need 2 years to convince their wives to let them go. So how can we plan this, while having a bit of fun along the way? Well I know how to travel hack, I know how to make money from bookies and I know how to think longterm.

The plan

$25 per mate, per week into a betting kitty. ($100 a month, $2,400 over 2 years)
Use the Sportpunter models to place multis each week
Use Credit card signup offers to make the flights free (frequent flyer points)
Use bookie promos/signup offers to increase the bank

Pretty simple really. We have 6 mates who are keen to relive our younger years. So that means our betting bank is 6 x $2,400 = $14,400.

The Costs

I think we need to at least double the bank over the next 2 years. There is no doubt we will have to send the wives off on a trip first. I think a nice resort for a week will set us back $10,000 for the girls, leaving $20,000 for the boys trip.

Flights will be covered by frequent flyer points, so $20,000 for two weeks in Vegas works out to be close to $300 per person per day (otherwise known as 5 minutes at Spearmint Rhino for one of my mates).


Now it might surprise you, but I have rarely ever used my mates betting accounts. This leaves a lot of promos and deposit bonuses to hit. Even if we just average 1k per year per account, that is 12k added to the kitty. I think with a bit of effort, we could look to hit $50,000 in total by the end of 2 years.

Frequent Flyer points

There are so many credit card offers around and I’ll be getting my mates to sign up for a few of them over the next few years. An economy return flight to Vegas will cost 104,000 Qantas FF points + fees. But I think we can do better than that, and hope to make them at least 250,000 points each and we can upgrade to Business Class.

This week there was an offer for a Qantas American Express card that gave 75,000 points. The annual fee was refunded and you just had to spend $3k on the card in the first 3 months.

The actual betting

If you want to make money betting, it really should be boring. But we want to have a bit of fun along the way, so we will be betting multis. Now, we are betting multis following a service with positive EV, and by also taking advantage of certain bookies who have multi boosts, we can make profitable multi bets. We will also have a catch up at least once every 3 months and head to the pub/races and have a mini betting day where we go crazy on a few bets.

All you can eat buffet


Now the trip does not have to be returning to Vegas, we could choose to go anywhere. But for now, Vegas seems the best option. In just the first few days of setting up the punters group, the group’s name has changed to “Jonnos Vegas wedding”. Jonno has been engaged for a very long time, and the group thinks we can make this happen in Vegas :).

Week 1

We started this last week and the first multi has gotten us off to a flyer. I had $100 on a 4 leg multi and we won 3 and 1 pushed. That resulted in a profit of $695. I’ll be posting the multi I play each week on twitter.

This multi is still alive. This one is for a new punters group between mates. I’ll be posted on the blog about this soon. Hopefully, we can get off to the most perfect start. pic.twitter.com/s3wGLSS4mX

— Steve (@day25) September 13, 2020

Keep updated

I’ll do monthly updates on the blog. You will see how small profits can compound over large timeframes.

We all need something to look forward to, and I think this should be a lot of fun.

Author: Tamara Kim